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Old 29th Nov 2016, 22:58
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Though, why they'd want to do that after Virgin Little Red failed is anyone's guess, especially given the costs of using smaller aircraft at LHR
Don't forget the 10 per pax discount on fees for domestic passengers from Heathrow being introduced from January 1st. That should change the cost dynamic significantly.

With an ever expanding portfolio of codeshare partners, Flybe could perhaps offer some useful domestic feed through Heathrow.
Why on earth would Flybe want to offer domestic feed to long haul carriers at Heathrow ? This is the kind of thing that killed off BMI when it was part of Star Alliance
Depends how you structure the agreement...the old BMI guys weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer....
BD was stuffed big time by its owner LH.

Would also be a completely different set of circumstances if BE or any other carrier entered into such arrangements.
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Old 29th Nov 2016, 23:41
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Can't ever see it happening but as others have said it would be different to BMI.

BE do already codeshare with 10+ airlines including the big players at LHR for longhaul, EK, VS & BA.

I'm sure they could fill E95s from anywhere into LHR but making it work financially who knows.

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Old 30th Nov 2016, 00:48
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Just booked 2 returns from GCI-CWL for June next year. 80 each....bargain.!!!!! Let's hope the flights remain
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Old 1st Dec 2016, 13:45
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Any ideas what the problem is?
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Old 1st Dec 2016, 20:18
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It has been discussed on the Dundee thread you may find the answers there.
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Old 1st Dec 2016, 20:51
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Suppose part of the deal with runway 3 is that places like Inverness, Channel Islands etc are going to get service into LHR at a reasonable level of frequency. Who is going to want to fly 70-100 seaters in there? Surely not the big boys. Something like the Flybe arrangement with Air France could be attractive.
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Old 1st Dec 2016, 22:10
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Flybe at LHR? Watch this space...............
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Old 1st Dec 2016, 23:55
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Flybe at LHR? Never going to happen.........
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 06:20
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Originally Posted by canberra97 View Post
Flybe at LHR? Never going to happen.........
Never say never.........
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 07:31
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It might happen .... & then, again, BEE might withdraw it the next month - as seems to be their "business model" !
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 07:38
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Press release confirming (what we all suspected) that there is "more to come"....FLYBE PUTS MORE 2017 SUMMER ROUTES ON SALE
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 09:05
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Grow up, Kcockayne, you were just as obnoxious when you worked for us. There's nothing worse than a disgruntled employee who can't seem to move on.
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 18:15
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Just whom am I supposed to have worked for &, what is obnoxious about pointing out that BEE have a history of changing, & reversing , decisions at the drop of a hat & at an apparent moment's notice ? And why should I be disgruntled . Also, exactly what am I failing to move on from ?

Last edited by kcockayne; 2nd Dec 2016 at 18:30. Reason: Additional comment
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 18:45
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The competition authorities are forcing BA to provide UK connections to non-partner airlines at certain rates (I've no idea what those are) to promote completion at LHR, so there is no pressing need for non one world airlines to encourage BE to LHR. The failed VS experiment with Little Red suggests to me that there isn't much money in flying mainline equipment on UK domestic routes, even when the slots were "free". Its even more telling that flyBe or Aer Lingus didn't apply for the slots after VS announced their intentions to withdraw from UK flying.
Remember around that time EI had 4 aircraft dedicated to the operation - it found better use for all 4 from Dublin and flyBe were looking for homes for the E195 fleet, which have since been based at CWL and DSA.
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 18:55
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TV advertising campaign now on the go for FlyBe, featuring Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Yorkshire TV)
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 17:55
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Anyone have a view on the type and route BE would operate if they did get BA remedy slots?
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 18:30
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Stobart Terminates CityJet Talks, Will Extend Flybe Agreement Instead - Finance News - London South East

So where are these flyBE airframes coming from to operate 18 more routes from SEN?
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 18:54
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the wording suggests Stobart airframes, not BE.
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 19:43
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Do Stobart have 4 spare airframes to replace the proposed 4 Cityjets?
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 19:55
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maybe JOTA could help
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