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Flybe - 8

Old 27th Oct 2016, 07:41
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Wonder what the Hammad sycophants have got to say about this.
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 11:31
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Originally Posted by kcockayne View Post
Wonder what the Hammad sycophants have got to say about this.
They're probably wondering how to offload 50 tonnes of purple paint.
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 12:41
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I like that new scheme as the old one looked tired and very boring
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 12:59
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Agree the Purple looks good, better than the normal Eurowhite airlines tend to have now.
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 14:19
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Good Riddance!
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 19:03
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Good riddance indeed - the man was a nutcase!
I've no doubt the 'Hammad sycophants' will change their spots to whatever colour comes next.
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Old 27th Oct 2016, 19:43
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Take it you don`t like the man

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Old 28th Oct 2016, 11:46
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too early for a retro livery on one of their planes?
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Old 28th Oct 2016, 17:43
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New Crew Base DUS?

I see that BE are advertising for DUS-based crew on their website, full time, permanent contracts. I can only assume it's for a new base? Hadn't heard or read anything rumours about that one.
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Old 29th Oct 2016, 07:21
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Probably makes sense with six routes from Dusseldorf and three (?) aircraft overnighting.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 15:34
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Trying to book from LPL to EDI but no dates. I thought thos route had restarted? or did i just dream it? Would imagine the planned Transpennine direct routes to Liverpool would eventually scupper it anyway.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 15:53
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LPL to EDI axed. That's why they are named Flymaybe.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 16:40
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In public transport, frequency is everything over short distances. Once a day was never going to work. Their other domestic routes from EDI have 3-4 rotations each day, and in the case of MAN are supported by codeshare business.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 17:51
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DC9_10 is that an oxymoron? Surely if the route had been axed then there's no ambiguity whatsoever of whether the flights will take off, whereas if you look up "maybe" in the dictionary it states:

Maybe: def.

perhaps; possibly.
"maybe I won't go back"
synonyms: perhaps, possibly, conceivably, it could be (that), it is possible (that), for all one knows.

Try not to contradict yourself with sleep inducing, old, unclever and childish comments that are used in the wrong context.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 18:36
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Well you definetly put DC9-10 in his place for no good reason what so ever!

You do realise he was using the term FLYMAYBE as some on here refer to FLYBE not myself by the way.

Perhaps there was no need for the full stop dot after the word axed but other than that what was your point!

His username is that of DC9-10'as in the 10 series and hailing from Liverpool I would guess it refers to the British Midland Airways DC-9-14 that was used regularly on the Liverpool to London Heathrow route.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 19:14
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DC9-10; in case you don't know; the site has an ignore function, that will make certain types of post come up looking like "This message is hidden because Reversethrustset is on your ignore list."

It's useful for people that go around randomly trolling people.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 20:14
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It will be fascinating to see how many more routes are dropped now that Saad has left the building. The fixation with Liverpool (LPL-AMS, LPL-BHD and LPL-EDI all now having failed) seems to be an attempt to establish Flybe presence in an easyjet heartland (remind me - where did Saad work before?). Watch for a few more route cuts in coming days now that....well, they can!
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 20:47
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Reversethrustset, have a look on the Flymaybe share price chat page. I suggest you do so before trying to make clever comments. Facts are facts. The route is axed.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 22:47
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I don't wish to be seen as too pessimistic, but the Flybe share price right now is not in a good place - allowing for adjustments like cash raising and other corporate actions, the market cap is almost the lowest its ever been - the current market cap is about 80m. As a comparison, a single brand new Q400 has a list price of about 25m. The share price is in a worse position than just before Jim French was moved from CEO to chairman and Saad Hammad was announced as the new CEO.

The company is in a very weak position, particularly with regards to the possibility of being a takeover target. Furthermore, there seems little in the way of communications to the stock market to indicate a clear plan towards getting the share price into a better place.

The board will not want to be advertising this too heavily, but it will be certainly on the minds of the current directors.
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Old 30th Oct 2016, 23:19
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canberra97, um, yeah I'm well aware that's what some on here call flybe, my point is it's dull, old, childish and certainly not clever. Infact it's bordering on pathetic and makes the poster sound like a ten year old goon.

DC9_10 you said the route was axed and that's why they're called flymaybe. So what's factual about that statement? Absolutely nothing. If you said they're called flymaybe because the dash 8 reliability is suspect then that's probably more factual. Either way, the phrase is pathetic and you sound about as smart and as clever as my shoe, i.e. not very.
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