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LTNman - where is the space at Luton to base more aircraft overnight or the slots to let an aircraft depart before about 9 am ?
Where is the capacity for security checks on additional passengers during the early morning peak ?
When will the builders complete substantial pieces of work detailed in the airport's expansion plans ?

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This is the worst possible kind of deal for LTN, adding three million extra capacity to an airport on its door step, who are both very much trying to attract the same markets...

There will be no deal with LTN to add extra capacity until the airport pulls its finger out and gets adding additional capacity to the terminal and apron space! Seeing as no plans have been submitted for expansion and this could face public scrutiny, we are unlikely to see any expansion completed before 2016, I would predict.

easyJet has publicly stated in the last year or two they were not happy with LTN and the general passenger experience at the airport, compared to what was offered at their other London airports... Nothing has really changed to the way passengers are handled in that time.

Other than Luton loosing out to this expansion by easyJet, the news could get worse, where they could end up shifting capacity from the likes of Luton and Southend to Stansted and I think there is a strong chance this might happen... The airline currently only has fifteen A320's awaiting to be delivered, with no other orders due to be fufilled. These aircraft need to distributed across the whole network, and also the Gatwick operation is due to be expanded, to fill the runway slots they have purchased from FlyBE.

(However I think Southend loosing out is unlikely, as the airline has been singing its praises recently. With it having the highest passenger rating for the experience of using the airport, of any of its bases and the airline has probably signed up for a 5-10 year deal to fly from the airport and bring a minimum number of passengers to the airport.)

I think the airport needs to realistic and brace itself for some bad news, from the likes of easyJet when it comes to the Summer 2014 timetable and going forward.

As I have always predicted, with MAG paying a hefty price to purchase STN, they would always be eager to get a return on their investment and would pull out all the stops to attract airlines to the airport. I would guess they have offered easyJet an offer they could not refuse, if the airline was willing to commit for the long term.

I just hope this doesn't go the way of Liverpool Airport, which was a large easyJet operation and is now a shadow of what it was 4-5 years ago, after they opened the Manchester base, which is now one of their largest bases outside of London.

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Less airliners would mean more Biz jets parking spaces. Maybe that is Luton's future.
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That story is a bit different to the rumours a couple of weeks ago all revolving around Flybe selling it's Gatwick slots.

Stansted is a sleeping giant and no doubt the new operator will be offering all kinds of incentives!
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Passengers love Gatwick so that is safe. Easyjet moving 4 aircraft from Luton will have less impact than moving 4 aircraft from Southend. There will be a few twitchy arses on the east coast this morning as management there digest the news.
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If easyjet do decide to ship some to stansted freeing up space im sure ryanair, wizz or even flybe would jump at the chance to take there left up space
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Please forgive me if I am wrong but I thought easy had a long term deal with Luton. Also it also depends on where passengers - there is only so many to go around - want to fly from/to.
Anyway it will all be irrelevant in a few years when Birmingham becomes the centre of the universe!
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The simple truth is that LTN has been operating at near capacity for the last few years.
That is already a testament to its location and customer choice.
LBC now have to wake up to the fact that if they want a piece of the action , they have to get AENA, or whoever it may be, to get the expansion off the ground ASAP.
Easy are a business , and a successful one at that and will look at all opportunities.They are limited at LTN at the moment so STN is a obvious choice.
Will they dramatically cut their flights at LTN, unlikely but we will wait and see.

Don't think the council will be happy with a biz jet airport instead.
The only revenue they get is per passenger , not much on offer from biz jets!!

Flew out last week to Madrid and noticed that the roundabout by Holliday Inn was overgrown and unsightly, why don't the airport erect something there and make the place more welcoming?
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Could MON replace EZY then at a dominate carrier it Luton?

Monarch Airlines Plans 62-Jet Deal by September in Discount Push - Bloomberg
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And if all the airlines go east, why is there not good money out of B-Jets?

Doesn't FAB, TEB & LBG make good money out of them?
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Could MON replace EZY then at a dominate carrier it Luton?
I really don't think it will go that far. Yes there could be some chopping from EasyJet and a little bit more traffic in the way of Monarch, but highly unlikely I'd think to become the dominant carrier.

Could Monarch instead with an aircraft order like this want to enter more UK airports as we've seen in the last year? That may even include MAG and Stansted. Monarch has been hinted as a potential target for them, along with Jet2. Time will tell everything, whether it be good news from Monarch or bad news from EasyJet at Luton.

You never know, EasyJet say now they will expand at Stansted up to 6 million passenger p.a at Stansted by 2018, but it might not really reach quite that level. Ryanair said in 2008 when they opened their Birmingham base they could have 10 aircraft within five years. That five years is now (2013) and yet it's still only 4 aircraft!
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Biz jet parking fees is the name of the game. No doubt this is why the airport want to get their hands on stands 16 and 17. Signature won't be able to park all their aircraft on their reduced apron so I expect 16 and 17 still to be full of aircraft but the fees going to the airport. The airport won't need to spend money to make money from extra biz jets
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(Reuters) - Spain's AENA airports authority, the world's largest, aims to raise around 6 billion euros in a partial privatisation before the end of the year, sources familiar with the situation said on Thursday.

AENA is entirely owned by the Spanish state and runs 46 airports in Spain alone, including Madrid, a European hub for flights from Latin America. Spain, whose sunsoaked beaches are among Europe's most popular, welcomed nearly 58 million visitors in 2012.

The sale would raise much-needed revenue that could either help ease the government's own financing problems or be used to pay off some of the company's own debt pile of 12 billion euros, most of which was taken on for badly-needed extensions of Madrid's Barajas and Barcelona's El Prat airport.

The operator handles 200 million passengers a year, most of those in Spain, and the sources said advisers have estimated its worth at between 12 billion and 15 billion euros or 8 to 10 times this year's core earnings (EBITDA).

That compares with an enterprise value of 9 times EBITDA for Fraport, Frankfurt's airports operator, which also runs airports in Peru and Turkey.

It is not yet clear whether the sale will be an initial public offering or another format, and the exact date is still unknown as well.

But the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that firm plans were now in place for a sale that would take place at latest early next year.

The privatisation process should not be difficult despite the economic climate in Spain, according to one Spanish investment banker not involved in the sale, but also declining to be named.

"This is a very attractive asset and I don't think there will be any problem selling it, it's world class in terms of both Spain's position as a tourist destination as well as its links to Latin America," the banker said.

"The only thing they have to be careful about is not to break it up into too many pieces, or there will be a loss of interest," he added.

Public Works Ministry officials have said publicly that the privatisation should take place before the end of the year. Selling off AENA has been an on-off project for years, last shelved in 2011 because of poor market conditions.

"We have not yet finalised the project ... but the objective is to do it this year," Infrastructure Secretary Rafael Catala said earlier this week.


The sources said one of the formats would be a privatisation via a sale of stakes to core shareholders, viewed as long term partners, and institutional investors, which could eventually place up to 60 percent of the company in private hands.

That could take place by the end of the year or the spring of 2014, depending on the market. The government has named Lazard and N+1 as advisers in the process.

"There is an appetite for these kind of assets, which have some resilience to the economic climate. But it's very difficult to make an argument for a premium valuation," said a London-based investment banker not involved in the sale.

Government officials however for the moment have only talked of the sale of a minority stake, although a decision to sell more would boost the value of the offering by giving a greater say in how the operator is run.

AENA, which also has stakes in 23 airports beyond Spain, is also negotiating the purchase of London's Luton airport from fellow Spanish firm Abertis.

The airports operator has its eye on expansion to offset Spain's current economic doldrums, and wants to capitalise on its cultural links with Latin America. Spain was the world's fourth most-visited country in 2011 according to the United Nations Tourism Organization.

The operator recently raised airport tariffs, which it argues brought rates into line with European peers. It is also selling new concessions and licences to run services including baggage handling, parking and private aviation.
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This is no surprise to me. MAG were always going to court Ryanair and easyJet - it happens at every airport when it gets taken over. No doubt the new operators at Luton will offer incentives. The big winner is the customer.

Its what Luton has done so successfully since the new terminal was built, offering excellent packages to relocate airlines and/or routes from rival airports. Its the reason why the airport has grown by around 150% since the new millennium.

I have no doubt should the big 2 reduce their footprint at the airport, another carrier would step into the breach. I'm certain that Monarch and Thomson as well as other carriers that have no operations at the airport (Thomas Cook, Jet2, Flybe), have reduced or eliminated their services because of the threat of easyJet and Ryanair possibly blowing them out of the water. Monarch are already planning to operate an additional airframe from the airport next summer and with the fleet growing to around 44 by Summer 2014, I'd expect at least a 6th or maybe a 7th during the peak season plus more winter operations.

That said, I think the operators at Luton have been complacent for a situation like this for far too long.
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I see Aviva have now announced the withdrawal of some bus services to the airport in resonance to their banned 757 service to London.

They will also be moving their 757 service from a remote car park to Luton's main railway station with a shuttle bus running between the the station and the airport but via Luton Airport Parkway. Wonder what the fare will be between Parkway and the airport?

ARRIVA - Changes to Luton Airport services starting 30 June 2013

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It seems EL AL will only be sending 737-800's to Luton from November 2013.

They will again go up to 11x weekly (2x Sun-Thu, 1x Fri, 0 Sat) next year but from April rather than June, however all services are operated by 737-800's.

Currently this year, 6 of the 11 flights each week are usually operated by 767's.

Overall I still think it's a bit of a reduction in seats despite the much earlier date of increase to 11x weekly. Through April, March and May this year, there have been 767's on the route, but not for 2014

Even Heathrow on the other hand though seems to have no EL AL Boeing 747-400's next year, only 777-200's.

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Currently this year, 6 of the 11 flights each week are usually operated by 767's. With occasional 777's
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Are losing a few flights from EZY/FR really that big a deal.

There are new executive operations, Buildings, Hangars..Popping up all around the airport. The airport will be around for a long time into the future. Its vicinity to London and the lack of available slots at places like LHR/LGW mean more airlines will head to LTN over time. People are way to pessimistic. If all that matters to people are the amount of passengers one can get through the airport then yeah EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND.. Other then that Luton seems to be chugging along just fine considering the lack of Investment and infrastructure.

EZY seem uninterested anyway.. Let them free up more spots for Wizzair to cement itself into LTN.
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So MAG must have Wizzair as their next target. As LTNman posted, AENA cannot be privatised too soon for the future stability of the airport to prevent it becoming a Le Bourget!!

So what was the rumour of Flybe moving the London operation east of the meridian? I thought that was part of the multi million deal and the orange mob moving out?

If LBC are not careful, decapitation of their huge income is likely? Just like in 1991.

Mr Sharma would be most dis-pleased!
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some rumours going round about LTN-WAT?? Could this be BE? BHD would also be nice!
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