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Monarch - 3

Old 2nd Feb 2012, 15:36
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Monarch - 3

Starting New thread after old one was closed.

Anyways does anyone know if Monarch got the award for best charter airline this year? I remember them having a message about it on their website saying they had got it in 2011 but i havent seen it on their website yet?
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Old 2nd Feb 2012, 15:49
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In the 2011 Best Leisure Airline Awards, Monarch came 3rd behind Thomson (1st) and Air Transat.
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Ok Thanks for that
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PR Newswire

BARCELONA, Spain, January 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Results from a study of short haul routes show that UK airlines Monarch (ZB) and Thomson Airway (BY)s are two of the cheapest flight operators worldwide. eDreams online travel agency used data from millions of 2011 bookings to help travellers in their search for cheap flights.

eDreams (Cheap flights, hotels and package holidays eDreams) When you're booking a flight, what do you consider? Price is always an important factor. Which is why eDreams has released the results of a study comparing the cost of flights on all airlines in the world. Get the full story and find out which flight operators really do offer cheap flights in the eDreams Airlines Study.

Vietnamese Jetstar Pacific (BL) is the world's cheapest airline per mile at €8.55 per 100 miles. UK contender Monarch comes in second for cheap flights at €9.62 per 100 miles, and Romanian Blue Air (0B) is third at €10.43 per 100 miles. Thomson Airways is the other UK airline featuring in the top ten cheapest, at €11.67 per 100 miles.

eDreams took pricing data from all their flight bookings in 2011. They summed up the miles flown by their customers on a given airline, before adding up all the individual prices paid for these flights. The money was then divided by the distance to get a price per 100 miles.

"Many airlines claim to be inexpensive and these rankings give us a different insight into which are the cheapest airlines per mile flown," says eDreams' Chief Marketing Officer, Mauricio Prieto.

"With the current economic climate, more and more consumers are shopping around for flights because they want to get the most for their money. Using this list, customers can make an informed decision about which airline they want to fly with based on solid pricing data."
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Monarch have added ther winter flights on the web now. Doesn't look much different to this winter except that MAN - GIB is not bookable so maybe becoming seasonal again?
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Old 3rd Feb 2012, 21:28
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MXP, VRN, FCO and VCE added for winter months. That's quite a few flights added in fact.
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 11:36
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Taken from Travel Industry News and Travel Jobs from Travel Weekly -

Monarch chief executive in abrupt departure

Monarch Group chief executive Conrad Clifford has unexpectedly stepped down from his role after less than 18 months and will leave the company.
Clifford's departure was announced this morning, with Monarch saying the process to find a replacement is underway.
Monarch executive chariman Iain Rawlinson will assume responsibility for the group with the managing directors of Monarch Airlines and Monarch Travel Group companies, including Cosmos, reporting to him.
In a statement, Rawlinson said: “On behalf of the shareholders I would like to thank Conrad for the contribution he has made to the group this last year. He leaves with our very best wishes for the future.
"We are already engaged in the process of finding a replacement, with a strong focus on the airline growth plan, and unlocking the full benefits of Monarch being a unified travel group."
Rawlinson said Monarch had made "a satisfactory start to the new financial year, with the performance of our three operating divisions in line with the business plan”.
Clifford was not available for comment.
Monarch announced a £75-million refinancing in November 2011 and announced plans to develop its scheduled airline and expand its fleet and route network.
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 12:07
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The next appointment is a massive decision, get it right and it could still work, there's seven years of failure to put right and bullsh*tters to weed out.

Get it wrong however...
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So, what we need is a top-flight manager, someone with international experience, preferably who speaks fluent Italian, is soon to be available, and knows how to handle prima donnas. I know of someone, but I think I know what his answer will be........

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I can think of an ex-Virgin Blue gentleman who doesn't do too much these days, other than a bit of consulting. Potentially a Mr Carr could jump ship before he joins the job market in the coming months. Ex-Astraeus gentlemans (not the Icelandic ones, obviously).

There's a number of people out there who I can see fit for suiting Monarch. If push comes to shove, they could always promote Topspotter.
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He left very quick. Conrad and Tim left without a moments notice. Did they leave or were they pushed?
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If they left instantly, with no announcement of a new position, they were almost certainly pushed.
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If a statement comes from him directly stating "I felt the need to" - then he was pushed. Let's just wait to see the wording on any statement and figure it out that way, rather than second guessing?
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When I said on the old thread only a few days ago that the lunacy at Monarch has to stop, I hadn't expected this news quite so quickly. He is either leaving because he has another good job to which to go (in which case they would have said so) or been pushed because the airline is in dire straits (which it most probably is). Hopefully the new CEO can focus on making some money to stabilise the ship rather than mucking about with different shades of purple and indigo in the colour schemes.

The number of aircraft parked up at Gatwick on a daily basis is quie alarming. Even on Saturday, the main day in winter, they had an A300 and a 757 each doing only one flight and a 321 parked all day. Parking bill alone must be horrific. Whatever happened to Monarch leasing aircraft out in winter as they were so good at doing with the 737-200 and -300 in the olden days?
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monarch reps given guided tour of southends new terminal!!.what is the smallist size plane that monach have that could opperate out of southend?
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A320 is the smallest plane monarch have.
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Don't get too excited, Monarch representatives visited us at BOH at the start of last summer, to check the facilities for their three seasonal FNC charters for Atlantic Holidays.
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Anyone able to tell me which aircraft will be operating BHX-TFS on 19/06/12 ?
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Looks to be A321
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What's to stop Monarch having A319's or even A318's at SEN
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