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When I said on the old thread only a few days ago that the lunacy at Monarch has to stop, I hadn't expected this news quite so quickly. He is either leaving because he has another good job to which to go (in which case they would have said so) or been pushed because the airline is in dire straits (which it most probably is). Hopefully the new CEO can focus on making some money to stabilise the ship rather than mucking about with different shades of purple and indigo in the colour schemes.

The number of aircraft parked up at Gatwick on a daily basis is quie alarming. Even on Saturday, the main day in winter, they had an A300 and a 757 each doing only one flight and a 321 parked all day. Parking bill alone must be horrific. Whatever happened to Monarch leasing aircraft out in winter as they were so good at doing with the 737-200 and -300 in the olden days?
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