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I my opinion, you are usually spot on in most of your posts and they are an informative read. However, I would urge caution here. You use the term abundantly clear, yet 12 months ago I remember many posts from you saying how others had to accept a NY route would never happen.

In a respectful way, I am hoping lightning strikes twice here....
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Seasonal routes to Stockholm and Oslo from Newark are on sale for summer 16 (Venice is also on sale, I think that's seasonal too).

I'm not very confident it'll continue, however I was one who didn't think it would start in the first place.
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From the Scottish Governments "Programme for Government 2015-16" published the other day - first time I've seen commitment to dates

Programme for Government 2015-16

The Government’s Programme for Scotland 2015-16. The document sets out the legislation for the coming year, as well as summarising the Scottish Government's key achievements and main goals for the future - both legislative and non-legislative

We are committed to replacing Air Passenger Duty (APD) with a more competitive regime that better supports our goal of boosting international connectivity and business growth.

We have established a forum, with membership from the airline industry, Scotland's airports, environmental groups, business organisations and tax professionals. This forum will support the development of our policy proposals, including helping us to shape a policy consultation on a Scottish APD which we plan to launch this October. The Scottish Parliament will be able to legislate for a replacement Scottish tax only once the new Scotland Bill has been passed by the UK Parliament.

We will reduce the burden of APD by 50% with the reduction beginning when we introduce a Scottish APD in 2018 with a view to abolish it completely when resources allow. We are currently consulting with stakeholders on the best way to apply that reduction across new and existing routes.
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If I had a £1 for every time I've read a "all flights are loaded, except for XYZ, it must be getting dropped" post, only to read a "oh, it's on sale now" reply a few days later, then I'd have enough to buy a pint in an airside bar.

While I have no experience in airline planning, I'd imagine the sensible thing to do would be to load all the regular flights first, then sit down and look at the remaining flights, and plan out aircraft availability. They will be waiting on a few departments to reach decisions - do they plan on retiring any aircraft? What new deliveries do we have coming? Are there any other routes needing an upgrade/downgrade?

Once the regular flights are sorted, they will know how much capacity they have available, and can start analysing the performance of Newcastle, and how well they expect it to do next year.

When a route is launched, United will have signed 1 year contracts with all the ground and catering companies. They will need to speak to these companies and negotiate a new price for next year, and decide whether they want to use an alternative handler. They'll also need to speak to the council, and other stakeholders, to see what they can offer in terms of marketing assistance.

They will also need to look at the alternatives - if Newcastle doesn't return, where do you re-deploy the aircraft? Is it worth sticking it out and hoping demand improves, or risk launching something new, with all the upfront costs that involves? What kind of deals are they offering?

Only once all of this has been done can a decision be made on whether the route is going to be feasible.

This will all take time. So the fact EDI is on sale, and NCL isn't is meaningless.
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Well said nighthawk!

Can't see them wanting to have more start up costs I would expect that if the 757 can be spared again then it will return but like you said contacts would have to be agreed again with at least the airport.

Handling agents and catering etc normally happens afterwards as they would bid for the work in the new year and be given to however a few months before flights start
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I suspect UAL planning department maybe a little cleverer than they're getting credit for on this thread. I'm quite sure they don't need to see a flight in the booking engine first, before they can calculate if they can fly somewhere else too - the sums are done long before that.

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Just been reading the NCL Twitter feed and the airport yesterday tweeted that they are optimistic that UNITED WILL RETURN NEXT YEAR!!!

Like people have said LETS WAIT AND SEE!!
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optomistic... ? ive heard it all now. Sounds as if theyre as much in the dark.
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Quite frankly these rumors and speculation are getting on my nerves, people thinking they can ascertain loads by looking at seat maps, people who begged for this route for years only to kill it before it even started. All I will say that an announcement is due imminently, at some point next week after the last op on Monday, till then, please be patient, remember how long you waited for this route, another week isn't going to kill you.
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This forum isn't about "killing" any route anywhere it's simply an one forum providing one to air their own views & if appropriate add information.
UA is a very live topic, & it doesn't matter "diddly squit" what views are aired here insofar as UA themselves are concerned as has zero influence on their global flight operations whether it be out of NCL or where ever.
Quite frankly I think they would be nuts if it did!, & I'm including all posts in this observation my own included
I think we all appreciate that an announcement is due soon, the point I have made is that it simply doesn't make commercial sense to hold out on a positive announcement, though there is perhaps one, as I see rather unlikely caveat to this observation, & that is that the decision is not being taken on a like for like basis & that they may actually be planning a variation on the service. In such case then your best chance & most impact in on the first announcement, anything else simply adds to the public's confusion.
However not one to sit on the fence I'll stick with my overall concern as to seeing UA at NCL in 2016.
& P330 yes I got that one wrong big time & ate humble pie, it would be a great pity if NCL are unable to retain & build on the opportunity presented.
maybe some more humble pie is overdue. Like all unconnected parties then I also don't know at this time.
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I see that Eurowings will take over the operation of this route on 25th October 15

Things are going full circle as Eurowings used to operate this route on their own and later in partnership with Gill Airways.

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The CRJ's are going as well so I wonder if they will drop DUS or send us an A320? It would rule out any possibility of a return to 2 daily but could they fill it just once daily? Maybe if fares came down. Kinda catch 22 there
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I don't think we'll see an A320 yet but in a year or two maybe.
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Newcastle International Airport submits response to Air Passenger Duty discussion:

Latest News - Newcastle Airport
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Todays GermanWings from Dus is operated by an A319
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Vueling showing 3 weekly NCL - BCN next summer.
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Vueling airlines

Great news for NCL

Good airline opens up new routes and connections.

Well done let's hope we get more from them in the years to come
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Operates Tu/Fri/Su 28/3 -13/9

arr. NCL 1310
dep. NCL 1350
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Great news! I hope they add some connections to their website so you can connect in Barcelona

Knew it would happen sooner or later, Vueling was one of the airlines I thought were likely to serve Newcastle in the not so distant future, 2 down (United, Vueling) 2 to go (Wizzair, Turkish)...
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Wizz Air could be a possibility, however there's other factors to overcome first. There's a whole host of airlines trying to get into NCL including RYR, who wanted to have 2 based A/C, but for reasons linked with Jet 2, isn't happening.
The truth is that NCL management don't want too many LCC's in fear of driving off Jet2.
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