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It's Sunday so I will play the one in the clouds

Errrm look very hard at the signals about the future of other medium sized airlines currently being reviewed by their shareholders. Dig deep into your well of reason and you will see the enlightenment provided by various metals that are becomming increasingly scarce unless we start to mine the moon. As said Airline shares are risky - The serious money seems to be going into commodities.

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Worth a look at the Fly Be thread in Terms and Endearment re Industrial unrest as well for the future. Could be a bit of a dip yet.
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Old 20th Jun 2011, 09:57
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Just to report that they still haven't figured-out what to do with existing BHX-FRA bookings after the cancellation date. See error message below for a end-Aug booking, while I can access my booking for this week without problems. So should I call them and pay 25 GBP for 25 min (surely that's how long it will take to sort this out), or just not bother, organise an alternative on FR, EZY, BA or EST. Quite possibly the latter. I believe they have to offer me a full refund at some point.
Unfortunately there has been a technical issue retrieving your booking. Please check the details and try again.
If this persists please call our Internet Support Team on *0906 999 9999‬ (calls cost GBP 1.00 per minute; calls from mobiles and some networks may be higher) or International *+44 13 922 685 15‬ for help.
I've spotted their Face -book (i.e. Zuckerberg's invention) page, but can't post messages their from my account. With the school holidays, they must annoy quite a few people with this.
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Looking at the international number, could you not just swap the +44 for a zero and have it charged at a national rate instead? 01392 is the code for Exeter.
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Cat 111 NDB.....Not only the serious money, but people too.I got out of Aviation after 21 years last year and now work in OGEM ( Oil Gas Energy and Minerals) move I ever made, where the filthy lucre is spread to all ranks with bonuses and good times are a plenty....unlike some airlines where the politburo view is
" Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"
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OK ! Should try Exeter then. Also good news from LH: They seem to have released some 'unofficial BHX-FRA rescue fare' tickets for end-Aug at 70 GBP one-way. Many of the flight search engines miss those, but has them. BE has to rebuild some confidence. Not saying anything official about those route cuts isn't that great, esp for regular users. This is the one and only mention you get even on Google News, and that's only upen investigation by a journalist (or maybe even a fellow PPRuNe punter ? ):

Flybe drops Frankfurt routes | ABTN

BTW, eh, "Passengers booked between now and July 24th" ? That must be "Passengers booked after July 24th"...
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Reply to FDD

Freight Doggy Dog. - What we are talking about here is the attitude of the "Capital Market Makers" its an age old problem - The financial results are what really matters. The money Men/Women look at things on a very short time scale. If they can generate more profits by providing money to speculative Hedge funds by selling share holdings in a sector, they will do it.

Madness really

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FRA cancellation

That's more for a travel forum, but just in case it's useful to others: My colleague has/had a September BHX-FRA, he phoned them in Exeter on 01392 268529, and they only offered full refund (i.e. no transfer onto LH/BD), which he took, as he got a LH ticket for similar price himself. Still have to try myself, could go for BHX-DUS as an alternative. Still no email from them, and same error as mentioned earlier when retrieving booking on the website, so thanks again to people here for the warning. NB I remember when WW did this (cancelled some EMA-CGN flights), they've sent an email right away, even FR sent email right-away with the option to accept a schedule change or apply for refund just by clicking a button.
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OK, the end of the story: Phoned-up Exeter and they moved me onto their BHX-DUS the same afternoon, free of charge. All's well that ends well then.
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except that you presumabley wanted to go to FRA not DUS in the first place Lots of rumours here on Fraggle that we re about to get same treatment and loose our BRS and SOU routes.
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Could always ask them to pay for DUS-FRA by ICE (I expect you will get a frosty response, boom boom).
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G-FLBH Q400 was delivered to BHX tonight despite rumours that it might
not even see the UK en route to warmer climes. On second thoughts looking
at tomorrows forecast maybe BHX is that warmer clime!!!!!

Is this aircraft going to enter service?

One odd aspect, G-INFO (CAA Site) does not show that the aircraft is
registered as yet, I assume a late Friday afternoon paperwork job and
the website has yet to be updated?

With BHX & MAN Frankfurt ending the first 175 arriving in July and no new
flights starting, I assume something is in the pipeline.

G-JECS, G-JECT & G-FLBG all appear to still be in service having
been stood-down in past for short periods.


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It seems that the companys results are due to announced on Friday and the Sunday paper says it will show a big swing from profits to losses. I think Jim French will give out details of the cost cuts then to try and keep his city backers happy. The share performance has not been grate
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Sunday Times
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With BHX & MAN Frankfurt ending the first 175 arriving in July and no new
flights starting, I assume something is in the pipeline.
LDY from BHX!?
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Old 29th Jun 2011, 12:31
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Would anyone know why the drop down menu for LDY - MAN extends to March 2012 now, without any additional flights. Previously it only extended to September. Would this be an error, or could the route be extended?
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G-FLBH was entered into service on the 29th June.

First 175 will operate on teh 18th July GLA-BHX.

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Underlying profit before tax for the year was 22.3m compared to an underlying profit before tax of 7.4m in 2009/10. Group revenue was up 4.4% to 595.5m and underlying EBITDAR improved 30.9% to 119.0m.

After IPO costs and losses on fuel and foreign exchange hedges (unwinding gains recognised in the previous year), we reported a loss of 4.3m compared to a profit of 24.6m last year. This result is in line with the Board's expectations for the year and represents a strong performance in view of the challenging conditions faced by all airlines in the period.

Flybe ended the year in its strongest ever financial position. During 2010/11, operating cash inflow improved by 21.5% to 18.1m and, thanks to the IPO cash injection, we moved from a net debt (defined as total cash less borrowings) position at 31 March 2010 of (21.4)m to a net cash position at 31 March 2011 of 21.9m. Net assets amounted to 107.9m.

None of these achievements would have been possible without nearly 3,000 loyal and motivated employees whose talent, commitment and can-do attitude make Flybe what it is today. On behalf of the whole Board, I would like to thank them for their hard work and continuing support.

Conditions in Flybe's current core UK domestic market remain challenging, but Flybe's leadership in this market leaves us well placed to benefit as the market recovers.
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Not sure if this was reported earlier but in my email from BA Exec club they state that Flybe's Newcastle - LGW service is now a BA codeshare.

Quite handy to have a different option when coming back home to the UK. Nothing like a bumpy hour on a Q400 to relieve the boredom
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Not sure if this was reported earlier but in my email from BA Exec club they state that Flybe's Newcastle - LGW service is now a BA codeshare.
I also, for the first time in many flights over many years, heard a LGW flight being called at BHD the other evening as a codeshare with BA.
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