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Forgive me if i'm wrong but a loadhseet must be signed by the captain / FO before the doors are closed and a/c is pushed back. And if the dispatcher is allocating the load distribution then in fact he is a load controller that just doesn't prduce a loadsheet.

Due to the fact this forum has gone off course, (mainly due to myself) i would appreciate anymore responses via PM.

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I am under the understanding that "e-signatures" are as legally binding as a paper version. You click a check-box and hit "continue" or similar and thats that.

For, example my credit card application was entirely on-line and the bank has never seen my signature. Im still bound by the T&C's though.

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Be realsitic Guys ;
My money is on .....
A330 + seniority = possible 757 course
A319/320/321 + medium seniority = no chance
"passover pay" = absolutely no chance ( nearly fell over laughing at this one)
anything beneficial = no chance
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bmi has renamed its fares again

UK routes

Tiny changed to economy saver
Business restricted changed to business saver

comes into effect on 11 March.

Other changes in Eurpoean and long haul
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Who says there are political issues to flying US built aircraft to Iran?
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Comments from Astraeus' CEO in a 'Business Update' dated 6th March 08:
I have heard a lot of misinformation in recent weeks, most in relation to the BMI contract in LHR. Let me make it clear that there no responsibility on the part of Astraeus to use BMI pilots on this contract. All of our existing pilots will be considered for this contract ahead of BMI staff. It is only if we need to go to the open market to recruit pilots that we need to consult with BMI and consider any of their pilots that would like to fly the 757.
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It must be very disappointing for him to have heard this misinformation from the bmi Flight Ops Director!

I bet the bmi pilots are going to be equally disappointed that they have been lied to again by their management.
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Bmi To Lgw?

Excuse me if this has already been mentioned but just heard that BMI are looking to obtain slots out of LGW for next year?
Does this sound like jungle drums or is there any truth in this one (It is BMI and not the Bawling kid that was being spoken about)
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Yeah heard that BMI have been looking at gettin slots for LGW and north terminal space !
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The North Terminal is undergoing a orange transformation at the moment!
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Where would BMI want to operate?

EZY/BA pretty much have all of Europe tied up and will continue to fill in the gaps over the next couple of years.

Are we to see a big BMI order for a/c soon? They are apparently expanding at MAN and with little a/c on the way (A330 I think) could we see an increase in A320 series a/c order? Or maybe a A350XWB order!
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Maybe the slots were for the charter flights we operate from there? I know bmi have done a lot this winter. We operate from the South Terminal at the mo though so dunno about the move to the North. Hmmm?
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Whats the point in having a written agreement preventing non-bmi pilots from flying our routes and then sitting and watching it happen?What are BALPA doing about it? BA pilots have shown us how to react to an attempted outsourcing of their jobs. The only pilots benefiting from the agreement at the moment are the regional pilots "temporarily" based here for the last 2 years and earing a fortune in allowances.

Come on BALPA - DO something.
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I thought there was an agreement between BALPA and bmi for those regional guys at LHR?
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Mufc Fan

Perhaps to offload some of their LHR slots and flog them off at a higher cost than to buy LGW slots?
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The purpose of the LGW slots is for an isreali (not sure i've spelt that right) carrier to go to LGW instead, (as LHR slot are all taken) so the BMI can go to TLV.
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Just a rumour...bmi in talks to buy Globespan.....
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bmi Charter (Summer 2008)

Just wondering if anybody has info regarding the planned bmi Charter Programme for Summer 2008? I believe Aldergrove, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heathrow and Manchester have some flights.
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EDI is Ibiza (mainline) and Bastia (regional). Theres quite a few at ABZ for Airtours
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Charter Prog S2008

The summer programme features FULL SEASON weekend operations from the following bases:


BFS & EMA PEAK SEASON week round programme

The charter programme will be operated by SH ER145,A319/320/321 and MH A320/1
these will be in both single and dual class config.

In addition adhoc flights will operate from most bases.
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