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British Airways - 2

Old 17th May 2007, 23:14
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British Airways - 2

Airline Partners having a tilt at BA?

Story in the Sydney Morning Herald about the wunch of bankers who just got seen off from Qantas, possibly having a crack at BA.

Don't these people ever learn?

To the barricades, boys & girls!!
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Old 17th May 2007, 23:58
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Just be aware that it was a fundamental mistake that caused them to miss out, not the reaction of the general public and minority shareholders.

If they put their minds to it, the could well nail any company!

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Old 18th May 2007, 05:17
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dont forget that APA owns a few international airport..... you own an airline, and a few airports, and you have a massive pricing advantage! charge fees to every other airline, and the fees paid by your airline go back into your other pocket.
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Old 18th May 2007, 06:08
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Geez, if you want to loose money big time, buy an airline. Just hope these guys aren't using my superannuation money.

But buying BA?
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Old 18th May 2007, 06:25
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BA faces 350million pound fine

Over it,s fuel surcharges bbc business seems to be reporting this quite well,oh dear more problems for WW
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Old 18th May 2007, 07:45
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What the BBC report I heard said was BA have made a 350m provision in their accounts (as required by International Accounting Standards) against POSSIBLE fines in the UK and US over fixing fuel surcharges in collaboration with other Airlines.
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Old 18th May 2007, 09:30
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The important thing here is that BA have admitted that their staff broke price fixing regulations so a fine seems inevitable.`
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Old 18th May 2007, 09:49
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BA's 737s on the way out

737s to be replaced by A319s at LGW
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Old 18th May 2007, 10:40
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APA may be after British Airways

May 18, 2007

ITS bid for Australia's Qantas Airways now officially dead, rumours are circulating about Airline Partners Australia eyeing British Airways.
According to a report from London overnight, shares in British Airways gained 2.35 per cent on the London stock exchange on Thursday, to 501.50 pence.

The report states the share price rise comes ahead of the publication of the airline's annual results today, "amid rumours of a takeover by the consortium Airline Partners led by Macquarie Bank".
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Old 18th May 2007, 11:26
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Interesting point in this might be the foreign-ownership restrictions on BA (as was with the Qantas caper).

Then again, Macquarie Bank said when announcing its latest results results recently that it was setting up a stand-alone operation in London, in order to get an EU 'passport'... so that might well be that hurdle jumped.
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Old 18th May 2007, 12:27
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Pretty big fleet considering BA didn't want Airbusses at all and only inherited them from B Cal. who'd ordered some.
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Old 18th May 2007, 13:22
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BA admits price fixing

British Airways admitted breaking price-fixing laws and set aside a surprise 350 million pounds to pay potential fines.
BA shares fell 3.7 percent by 12:57 p.m. as the provision -- more than half the year's profit -- accompanied a 13 percent decline in operating profit.

Full story here
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Old 18th May 2007, 13:57
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Nice to see the managers have decided to take this cash out of the profits, which neatly drops them below the threshold at which the employees get some profit sharing. Still, management bonuses remain intact. Nice to see we're all still busting a gut to save a pounds worth of fuel when some overpaid numpty can blow 350M with a few phone calls.
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Old 18th May 2007, 14:03
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Isn't it funny that BA are in trouble with price-fixing the fuel surcharge, when fuel is effectively price-fixed by OPEC. Wasn't it recently they decided that the current price was okey-dokey (for them), so there was no need to up production? Cowboys, the lot of them.
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Old 18th May 2007, 14:26
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This is excellent news. I was becoming really concerned that BA would drop LGW entirely using the excuse that the capital outlay on new aircraft would not be worth it.
Good luck to all concerned at Gatwick and long may the alternative to the Orange Empire ( much as I do actually use 'em ) be available.

BUT is Gatwick gonna get the new aircraft ? I bet they go to Heathrow and Gatwick get the oldest A319s.......
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Old 18th May 2007, 14:34
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You know what the real problem is?

Somebody forgot to pay the Collusion Damage Waiver...

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Old 18th May 2007, 16:31
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ba are sending the new a320s to lhr, and lgw are getting the a319s from lhr. all of wh9ich are fairly new and are very nice clean aircraft. i will miss them!!! much better than the 737 ba has.
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Old 18th May 2007, 16:34
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Do you know when this will happen?
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Old 18th May 2007, 16:39
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Very, very good news. On my last flight to toulouse the 73s cabin was a right mess, overhead structure loose/misaligned and a sodding great hole where a kickpanel was missing by seat 24/25(?)A, very tired interior, these cabs seem to be nearing the end.

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Old 18th May 2007, 17:06
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Is it not also the case that another well known airline was involved but decided to offer evidence against BA to avoid being reprimanded/fined?
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