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I think LHR T5 did go through - as its opening march 08
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There goes buster again chip on his shoulder about stansted and the fact that it is wholly better than LTN. Why do you think that BAA kept hold of STN rather than snapping up LTN, says it all. Im sure if the boot was on the other foot, he'd be celebrating the fact that come march there will be a 2x daily flight to JFK by AA!
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Following in Silverjet’s footprints when they go double daily to NY from Luton, which starts next week.

I think we have all moved on from comparing which is the better airport? Each airport has its positive and negative attributes.

It is though a fact of life that BAA poached established Luton airlines with subsidies earned from other BAA airports. But that is history and these airlines would have gone anyway, as Luton did not have the physical capacity to keep airlines like TNT and Ryanair.

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Found in the press today.
BAA, the airport operator, paid its security staff to protest at a public inquiry hearing evidence about the environmental damage that would be caused by the expansion of Stansted.
The staff were given paid time off from carrying out security checks at the Essex airport to support their employer’s application to increase the number of flights by 75,000 a year. People living under Stansted’s flight paths accused BAA of sacrificing customer service to stage a bogus protest.
More than 40 BAA staff and airport contractors attended the inquiry yesterday at a building close to the passenger terminal. The Timeshas learnt that BAA encouraged staff to join the protest by suggesting that their jobs would be at risk unless the expansion was approved.
Ryanair and other airlines that use the airport have repeatedly accused BAA of failing to provide enough security staff to cope with the extra checks introduced last year. Scanning machines are frequently left unmanned and passengers have to queue for up to an hour to pass through security.
BAA admitted that staff had been given time off to attend the inquiry.
But it claimed that there had been no impact on passengers because the protest began after the morning peak.
The company also admitted that its claim that jobs could be lost was based on the theory that airlines would move to other airports if expansion was rejected. It failed to point out to its staff that all other London airports were either full or close to capacity.
Brian Ross, of Stop Stansted Expansion, said BAA had misled staff to suit its commercial agenda. “It is bizarre when passengers are standing in security queues to send security staff to protest about the local MP speaking at a public inquiry.
“Many of our supporters are airport employees who feel that enough is enough and that excessive expansion could threaten their future job security, not to mention their quality of life.”
Quite a weird example of a PR-policy, isn't it?
Source: The Times
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Hi, this is my first post on the forum. i'm somewhat of an aviation enthusiast and live in Sudbury, Suffolk. Those of you familiar with it will know its about half an hour from London Stansted and is overflown by landing aircraft (90% of the time).

My parents have a holiday house in Tenerife and have been using the scheduled GSM route from STN on monthly basis. Now they have pulled all services from Stansted I am going to be forced to use Gatwick.

What chances do you think Ryanair or Easyjet will launch a scheduled service STN-TFS anytime soon?

The same thing has also happened to me with Air Berlin pulling all their domestic routes. Working in Manchester... I used the daily service return from STN-MAN Fridays and Sundays...

Do you think any airlines will pick this route up? I used it frequently, and it was always very busy.
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Eastern Airways will start 3 daily weekday services to Manchester using thier J41s. You'll have to go to their website for more details.
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Thanks. At least someone will fly the route. All be it on a tiny plane and at almost twice the price!

What about STN-TFS?? Surely its only a matter of time before Ryanair pick that one up!
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Perhaps the Monarch service from Luton to Tenerife South would be an alternative ? Certainly closer than Gatwick. Tue, Fri, Sat & Sun flights on You pay less, but can expect more service than Ryanair, in that you can buy a hot or cold meal, and get free newspaper, allocated seats rather than a free for all at the gate and a hot towel service.

Oh and the crews are first why not give us a try ?
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Believe Thomas Cook, First Choice and Thomsonfly will all fly STN-TFS this winter but Fridays only, so possible flight only could be booked.
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fish swissport/easyjet

Has anyone picked up on all the rumours about swissport losing airlines and being on notice for consistently poor performance at stansted? Surely this can't ALL be rumour? Norweigan,turkish not happy,Cyprus ready to cut ties.There is a saying 'no smoke without fire' Anyone care to comment?
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fish PS

How will they cope with AA?Does the airline know what they are letting themselves in for?
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Just a question....
Passed through Stansted last weekend and noticed the lack of use of airbridges. Both Thomsonfly and First Choice were using steps, are the airbridges broken??? I understand why Ryanair don't use them but Easy do at Gatwick and no Easy planes (or any plane for that fact) had any attached at sat 1 or 2. Just a question to anyone in the know.
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I passed through STN yesterday, returning from Skavsta and it took 80 mins from landing to get through the airport, mainly due to queues at immigration, I've been held up at security before but never like this trying to get home!
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I suffered the same issue with Immigration on Monday night around 2330. We were held prior to Immigration for 10 mins because the Immigration area was too busy. Once allowed through the Immigration area prior to baggage reclaim was hell! A sea of thousands of people it took forever to get through. The fact that every based FR plane lands back between 2300-0000 doesn't help (40 plane loads = 7500 people) not forgetting any other arrival.
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Eastern to MAN

Eastern Airways will pick up the MAN route when AB stop the route at the end of October. The airline plans to run three flights a day during the working week.
As for the jet bridges yes they are broken. FCA and TOM would be on the bridge if they where working.

Have heard that TK are not happy with swissport but its them or back to S/Air or Avaince.
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Yeah, I've experienced the awful queues at STN between 2300 and 0000 on quite a few occasions. My most recent flight into STN (from DUS) arrived at 2030, and there was only one person in front of me for immigration - what a blessing! However, my next two flights into STN (from SVQ and CIA) are scheduled to arrive at 2300 and 2345 - nooooooo!
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Anyone in the know have any updates on planned charter activity for the Summer 2008 season?
From what I can see looks like just First Choice & Thomas Cook with based aircraft?
Does anyone know of....
  • Any new routes?
  • Are XL staying or going?
  • What aircraft types the charters plan to base?
Thomsonfly are leaving April '08 or are they? With the First Choice merger and FCA coming under TOM's AOC from April '08 does this mean that the base remains open? Be sad to see them leave otherwise.
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fish Leaving Stn

Rumour reaching these ears suggests CSA are leaving stn because of increased landing fees. Anyone got any info?
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Yes, CSA are pulling out of STN last flight 31OCT. Unaware of reason behind it.
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blimey!!!! air berlin dropping their domestic flights,sky europe AND csa pulling out,hmmmmmm look out everyone at circusair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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