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Old 23rd Sep 2006, 21:36
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Hi Momentary Lapse -

Thankyou for your response. You call upon me to withdraw a remark in which you allege that I call you a racist. Er, where is it? I can't seem to find that one! If you do find it, please highlight it to a moderator immediately. I do not know you personally and am not therefore familiar with your views on race. I am therefore in no position to judge you in this respect and make no attempt to do so. However, if I come across a posting made by you which contains material of a suspect nature, I reserve the right to comment upon it since it appears on a public discussion board. I stated that your references to pies and whippets in a posting (about MA board members) "sounds like a form of racist stereotyping." I stand by that.

I note that you don't want a "serious allegation" posted against you. I sympathise entirely. Indeed, I have great sympathy with the MA board members referred to in your posting of 20th September. You insinuate that they succumbed to corruption by accepting gifts and subsequently making a "mysterious" contract award. That sounds like my idea of a "serious allegation". Please remember that your postings often refer to individuals who could easily be identified by readers here, so please be a little more sparing with your accusations or support them with hard evidence.

Moving on, please note that I do not call your VIEWS incorrect. We are all entitled to our opinions. What I did say is that if you post incorrect MATERIAL (ie. facts) I will challenge you. I do note that you have not taken up my invitation to explain how you would accommodate Manchester's Summer 2006 slot demand on a single runway. I note also that you did not choose to join me in congratulating the Manchester Airport team for their string of successes in attracting new routes to Manchester over the last fortnight.

In conclusion, your postings give the impression that you have an agenda. You are consistently negative in all your comments about Manchester Airport. You absolutely have the right to hold such views and post such comments if you wish. But on a discussion board, you must recognise that other posters have the right to post alternative opinions. Where we must draw the line however is in making uncorroborated allegations regarding specified or easily identified individuals who are known to many readers of PPRuNe. It is this aspect of your posts which prompts me to take you to task from time to time. MAplc directors, managers and staff are people with rights and feelings too. Please show more respect when referring to individuals who are known to readers here.
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Old 24th Sep 2006, 12:30
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But of the six new routes only one is not being served from Manchester at the moment (Venice). Some new destinations is what we need

Agreed. However, these are fairly popular destinations and as things stand the fares on these routes are ridiculously priced. Out of all 6, only BCN has relatively cheap fares with ZB. bmi to TLS, BA/Air France to CDG, LOT to WAW and BA to TXL are more often than not very expensive. It's time the more popular cities were opened up more from MAN by offering a low cost alternative before they start thinking about ryanair-esque destinations in the middle of nowhere.
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I won't bother arguing with you again as we've been over it before.

Don't make me angry: you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
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Guys can we get back to something a bit more consructive please

Now a question has Bangladesh got anywhere near sorting out it`s problems in it`s onward flights to the US?

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Question Monarch


Does anyone know which A320's Monarch has based at Manchester? I am flying on one to Menorca on Monday 2nd October, and was just wondering which one I'll be on! Also, are these kitted out with the latest leather seats?


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Old 24th Sep 2006, 20:53
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The Monarch A320's tend to be swapped around quite frequently. G-MONX, G-OZZB, G-MRJK and G-OZBJ have all been operating out of MAN this past week. Only MONX has the leather seats at the minute as far as i'm aware. You will benefit more if you travel on 1 of the older A320's in the fleet (MONX, OZZB or MPCD) as these have onboard in-flight entertainment systems fitted and if you're travelling on a scheduled (ZB) flight, this service is free. The newer 320's to the fleet (OZBK, OZBJ and MRJK) don't have entertainment systems fitted as yet, or at least they didn't last time I flew on these aircraft.
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I am flying with ZB. Thanks for the advice! Do you know by any chance which aircraft has been operating the Menorca flights recently? Cheers
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Old 25th Sep 2006, 15:21
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I'm afraid I don't know which aircraft has been operating MAN - MAH recently but knowing Monarch my guess would be that it's been a mixture of their 320's, whichever have been based at MAN at the time. They don't tend to assign a particular aircraft to a route.

Your best bet would be to try and get hold of someone from Swissport at MAN, preferbaly who works in Ops. They may be able to answer your question more accurately.

Sorry I couldn't be of any further assistance.

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Thank you for your time!
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Talking Bangladesh Biman

Hi G.I.B.
As I understand it, Bangladesh Biman have not resolved their problem in routing Man - JFK and return. Something to do with the Bangladesh - USA Air Agreement, which stipulates that Brussels is the named intermediate stop-over and that can't be changed quickly apparently.
However I'm told that shortly the present once a week service to Dacca that arrives via Heathrow, will stop and be replaced with the present Rome service, twice weekly. It will therefore route Dacca - Rome - Man - Rome - Dacca. I'm not sure what days they will be operating on, but I think one is a Sunday and the other possibly Thursday. Time will tell.
Unfortunately this will mean an end to the "Grovel" direct to Dacca that presently occurs with those lovely DC-10's!!
Adola 69.
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Old 25th Sep 2006, 22:58
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Thanks Adola69
I have looked at their website and you are correct with twice weekly Thursday and Sunday and would end up in Manchester about 20.00 and the flights are still DC-10
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Originally Posted by Shed-on-a-Pole View Post
I stated that your references to pies and whippets in a posting (about MA board members) "sounds like a form of racist stereotyping." I stand by that.
You're not wrong. It is racist, and it offends me.

Moving on, I think BG have given up any hope of serving JFK. Thier DAC-BRU-JFK service lost shedloads of money apparently, so a change to MAN was an attempt to stem further losses.

I don't think the US really want knackered old Biman DC-10s flying into JFK, and any regulatory agreement to hinder them will have to be upheld.

Operating to MAN is bound to be the best bet for BG, whether it's via BRU or LHR, with either DC-10 or 310.
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Old 26th Sep 2006, 06:53
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I understand that one of the other problems with Bangladesh Biman operating to New York JFK is that the DC-10s do not strictly comply with noise regulations at JFK and the airline was fined £40,000 each time they operated a rotation through JFK.
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Emirates are changing there evening flight from a A330 to B773 from the 29 october they are also looking at going 3 times a day from the end of next summer
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Old 28th Sep 2006, 15:55
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A bit of a friend of a friend story, but I've heard that EK are desperate to open a dedicated lounge in T2, but MA will not let them. The idea would be for it to be Emirates branded, but shared with Virgin.

After using the current 'Escape' lounge last week (Escape is what I did, pretty rapidly), a dedicated lounge would be a godsend.

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I have heard that the new proposed 0600 EK arrival from Dubai may carry on to a destination in the USA.

Anyone else know anything else about this?
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The EK cc were talking about this very thing about a year ago but it all died a death. 0600hr arr. You sure?
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Talking Not ending- Re-scheduling -Marvellous !

I have been told that the rumoured ending of the Norwegian Air Shuttle service to Bergen at the start of the Winter schedules, is incorrect.
They are re-timing their flights along with the day of operation.
The new schedule will be still be a two day per week operation, but now arriving at 09.00 on a Friday and Monday( Local time) and departing at 0945.
I reckon this will be better aimed at the Premier League footy supporters of Man Utd and Man City ( I suppose there are some that support City?) who live in Scandinavia, than the present terrible hours of operation.
Over to you Aldi AL - re City ?!
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It is indeed on their website for November
Arrives Manchester at 09.00 on a Friday and 10.00 on a Monday

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Latest news from AIRAC

Just been browsing through the next Airac release - due 26th October - and noticed a few items of interest.
1/ New stop-bar D7 introduced at the end of Pier C, old D7 renamed D8.
2/ Taxiway F extended to meet Taxiway J - noticed today that there appears to be a new painted 'grass' island separating J & F.
3/ Light aircraft park is new split into 2. The area at the end of the old Runway 28 (bordering Taxiway A) is renamed Light Aircraft Area 'ROMPA'. The area between Taxiway B and Runway 24R/06L is Light Aircraft Area 'TATON'.
4/ Work on the extension of Taxiway S to the east is due to start. Looks for the chart as if it will be extended to join Taxiway V between links FZ and DZ, although it would appear logical for it to be extended to become an extention of FZ and thus save the sharp right turn onto V.
5/ Rapid Exit Alpha Echo becomes available for usage in LVPs. Will the introduction of a long needed vacating point allow an increase in the landing rate in LVPs?

Finally there is an, as yet, undesignated stop bar on Taxiway N just north of stand 67. If these new stop bars are all operation for the start of the LVP season it should see a welcome increase in the number of movements that Manchester can handled - not nearly as many long stretches with a single aircraft on it.

Any comments?

Scottie Dog.

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