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Old 24th Mar 2006, 20:05
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I am new to the group and would like to know if anyone has heard about a new airline called UK International Airlines???

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Old 24th Mar 2006, 22:07
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Nice Name

Interesting to see who they are and what they intend to do.
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Old 24th Mar 2006, 22:15
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I understand this is Excel using a Viking MD-83 at NEMA for this summer, but not branding it as Excel or Viking but as UK International Airlines. I presume to help get rid of the stigma casued by the MD83 Scandic / Viking farce last summer ?

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Old 25th Mar 2006, 15:45
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Hasn't Excel cancelled the lease application for the Viking MD80, and instead gone for a Greek registered a/c? (SXBSW?)
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Old 25th Mar 2006, 17:28
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This may weel be true, but I think VIKING are in the process of setting up a NEMA base and Excel are training crew dual on MD83 and B738.
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Old 26th Mar 2006, 10:04
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I heard UKIA has applied for their AOC this year
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Old 17th Apr 2006, 11:08
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SX-BSW is being leased from Viking (ex SE-RDH)
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Old 21st Apr 2006, 12:18
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I am yet to know about this UKIA as one of my friend told me that they advertised for all sorts of posts in a Manchester based Asian Channel called DM Digital
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Old 8th May 2006, 14:27
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Try the astac website and look in their news section, they are the consultants for UKIA it looks like they're using 767s, captains names there also
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Old 8th May 2006, 14:46
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B767 = flyWHO
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Old 18th May 2006, 13:53
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Thanks for the Astac website.
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Old 14th Jun 2006, 20:26
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There was a post here with a link to an amaturish website featuring some cobbled together pictures of UN 767s (and one 777!!!) with "UKIA" photo-shopped onto the side.

I think some fantasies are being indulged here!!
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Old 16th Jun 2006, 12:20
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UK International Air Lines

In that infamous monthly tome of spotter community, the latest issue of "Airliner World", it is suggested that "UK International Air Lines" have already have secured two ex-United 767-200ERs and are after another two, and will start to operate services later this year from LGW, MAN and EMA to Islamabad, Lahore and Sharjah, with their launch being from EMA.

Anyone know anymore???

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Old 16th Jun 2006, 17:04
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Do they have any website???I have tried to search them through the search engines but no results....
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There is an ad for a 767 "Captain" based Sheffield on an american job site but the advert was full of grammar errors, certainly enough to think it will be a non starter
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AOC/Company registration? If not, then I think not.
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Is this the airline that was rumoured to start from EMA sometime ago to ISB?
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bacardi walla, Thought flyWHO are flying L1011's not 767's???

Also dont think this is anything to the proposed start up Air Tigra that was mentioned a few months ago.

Any updates or inside info available????


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UK International Airlines/Air Tigra

UK International Airlines is the proposed new name for what was first listed as Air Tigra. 2 X7 767's were being sought for operations from NEMA to Islamabad and other Pakistan destinations. There is also a main thrust to operate into SHJ and via SHJ etc.

Current HQ is in Sheffield at the Queensland Furniture Store in Queensland Road. Sheffield

Can anyone throw anymore light on the progress of their AOC application, Hiring of Crews etc etc or when they intend to start up as this operation was intended to start up a long time ago! Many people have been very critical of this company and how it goes about its business?
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hi anybody heard of this new airline UKIA going to dubai from EMA....... believe it when we see it
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