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Old 23rd Nov 2005, 17:29
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Councils to invest 1.8m accoring to this report

....and a Business Travel Survey on the Airport website
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Old 24th Nov 2005, 15:14
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Wow!!!!! A 10m runway extension----and they won't need to talk to the ATC tower!
Don't you just love journos?

Surely that 10m is an typo?
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Old 28th Nov 2005, 09:24
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The 10 metres in conjunction with the RESA improvement will raise the overall landing distance on RW27 (by nearly 200m) to just short of London City dimensions. So I don't think it was a 'typo'........just not put very clearly!
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Old 9th Dec 2005, 23:03
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What are glouc hoping to gain with the greater length?
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Old 10th Dec 2005, 09:00
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More traffic!

There's a fair bit of 'lost', high yield traffic at the moment due to declared distances. For example, a chartered (i.e. Public Transport) Excel had to hold last night to get down to landing weight and others often divert to Filton or Brum etc. in wet conditions.

It's centrally located, 200m from the M50/A40 junction with over 100 000 people living within a 10-minute drive. Affluent part of the country with relatively high business travel demand suggests potential 'niche' scheduled services too.

The ILS will make a big difference to IR training too. Training capacity is already stretched at Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry & Brum.
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Old 10th Dec 2005, 22:37
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The airfield is in a perfect location - it makes you weep. Yet they allowed development all around and so now its knackered for any serious commercial uses. However, very small improvements in runway length, hours of operation and buzzy electronic aids could yield a dissproportinate increase in useability.

35 mins to Birmingham and Bristol and Cardiff and centred in the high net worth individual Mecca of the Cotswolds... With Zurich, GCHQ and Eagle plus C&G and others within minutes...


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Old 11th Dec 2005, 14:26
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And let's not forget Cheltenham races, science & literary festivals. All in all a great place to be!
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Old 20th Dec 2005, 18:37
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Talking and a Citation X soon too...

yep..and a Citation X to be based there soon too.. Cheers bm
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Old 20th Dec 2005, 18:58
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Theres been a Citation X and a Falcon 900EXE based there for some time hasn't there?
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Old 21st Dec 2005, 19:09
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bm, is that a second Citation 750 to be based at Gloucester joining the one that arrived in August 2005 then?

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Old 23rd Dec 2005, 07:12
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Talking Yep..a second C Ten...

.......and expect it 3rd/4th week of January. Cheers bm
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 08:56
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Blimey! Where are we going to put that then?!?

BoeingMEL, check your PM's
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 18:24
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Blimey! Where are we going to put that then?!?

Filton? Birmingham??
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 18:46
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If Gloucester was to get sheduled services i think Air Southwest would be the best operator!
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 19:13
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We'll squeeze it in somewhere!!!

I agree...the Dash 8 is the ideal aeroplane for Gloucester, but it\'s not me you need to convince
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 20:21
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What scheduled destinations could work from Gloucester? Obviously there is BHX and CVT to the north and BRS to the south, plus Virgin Cross Country train services at Cheltenham and Gloucester so there would be strong competition for any flights.

Jersey could be a possible scheduled destination since the summer charter flights seem to keep going but after that most of the more realistic destinations are alreday served from BRS and BHX such as Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Manchester (BRS only), Edinburgh and Glasgow?

So, could any scheduled flights (apart from Jersey in the summer) actually be successful from Gloucester?
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Old 27th Dec 2005, 21:58
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As the Exec Jets are squeezed away from London, airports situated close too, and feeding into London, can make more money from these movements, than from scheduled flights.

Folk on here seem to think that millions of passengers makes huge profits? I quote the Luton Airport CX from 1997. Luton made 1.75m clear profit from Exec flights. For this type of operation, you need a runway, and a place to board/de-plane in privacy.

My guess is that within the next 10 years, Cranfield will become the 'Farnborough' of North London, as slots become finite. Do a search on the plans of the University? Spending a little cash in airport upgrades, can yield untold profits. CAT1 both ends/CAT1 lighting both ends/Radar (The expensive bit!)

Staverton could achieve the same, albeit a bit further from London.
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Old 28th Dec 2005, 09:11
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The previous posters are right. The Scheduled market from GLO will always be limited by the competition from BRS & BHX, but that doesn't rule it out completely. The Channel Islands are a dead cert, all year round and there'd probably be enough of a 'niche' business travel demand for a Paris/Brussels/Edinburgh. If you could get into London City or Heathrow cost effectively, then you'd be able to compete sensibly with the rail service, which is still slow (2hr 15) and relatively expensive (60 single).

The real benefits for GLO will be in the corporate market. The business is already there, but currently being lost due to the operational restrictions of a short runway and non-precision approach. This is; however, a difficult market to stimulate so the Airport will always be reliant on it's existing strong GA and Commercial training, which will be boosted by the installation of ILS
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Old 5th Jan 2006, 12:37
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This in some respects is going to be a huge & positive step.

However, I have some real reservations, especially if the increase in "heavier" movements fails to materialise.
I guess Matspart 3 and 360 will need to be validated and deserve a hike in salary (you're worth it). How many ATCO's will need to be radar rated?
Who is going to maintain the hardware and keep it all calibrated. Then you are going to have to pay Flight Precision (or someone) to come and flight test on a regular basis.

Don't ever contemplate LHR services.
Midland pulled out of BHX, EMA and I think Teesside and L'pool in order to utilise LHR slots for much higher yield routes.

How will you adjust circuit & VFR tfc when you have multiple arrivals on the ILS? Will you be prepared to break off IFR training approaches at 4 miles and enable circuit tfc to continue. (and can we trust one or two to fly a circuit inside 4 miles ) I think you'll be inundated for training!

How will fees & charges be scaled or are the regular locals going to feel the pinch
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Old 7th Jan 2006, 20:23
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Good points, but nothing 'show stopping'.

The current balance of radar/non-radar ATCO's is about right. Another started a course last week and with ASTAC moving on site, future training should be a little easier.

The ILS will be looked after under the current (CAA Approved) contract arrangements that are used to support the existing navaids and ATC kit. Flight checking is an ongoing cost, which is accounted for in budget planning. Nobody could seriously contemplate LHR under the present slot arrangements, but who knows how that might change?

ILS presents some issues, of course, in the training environment in regards to spacing, but we're well versed at integrating multiple NDB/DME's and crossing runway ops already....we'll just be doing lots more of it.

The benefit to homebased operators is the saving made by not having to fly somewhere else for ILS training. They'll now have 'the full monty' on their doorstep and the non-trainers will save on diversions in LVPs. Homebased currently enjoy a 50% discount on training approaches and priority in making bookings, wouldn't have though that would change....
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