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In their defence, I see most of the coppers at T1 everyday and they are generally pretty gorgeous!! They have some nice 'arses' that I totally approve of!

Wonder if any are gay...??
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oh please TSR2, lighten up, no offence intended.

Mr Gayrugbybloke has the right idea.

The 'lazy ar$e' thing is actually a quote from a member of GMP who is a mate. When I asked him about this oddity of airport architecture, it was he who told me that very reason using those very words.

There is no valid reason why thousands of passengers should be inconvenienced for the convenience of GMP.

No doubt that catch all phrase 'in the interests of security' will be trotted out as the official reason for such poor consideration.
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Emirates to operate from Terminal 2 from start of summer schedules.

T1 to be base for Etihad and Cathay Pacific.

BD and WW to move to Terminal 3 from start of summer scheds also, along with Meridiana I am told.
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Have tried to summarise what has already been announced for summer 06.

Any more to come from Jet2? Their aircraft seem very under used before 15.00 next summer even with AMS, EDI and LGW schedules to be announced. Is BUD being dropped, it's the only 'longer route' of theirs not yet on sale.

NEW services for Summer 06 (did not operate S05)

Abu Dhabi 1*Daily Ethiad
Alicante 6*Weekly Thomsonfly
Barcelona 1*Weekly Air Scotland
Belfast City 4*Daily Flybe
Cardiff 2*Daily Air Southwest
Exeter 2*Daily Flybe
Hanover 5*Weekly Hapaq Lloyd Express
Heraklion 2*Weekly BA (GB)
Hong Kong 3*Weekly Cathay Pacific
Ibiza 5*Weekly Jet2
Ibiza 5*Weekly Thomsonfly
Isle of Man 3*Daily Aer Arann
London STN 2*Daily Air Berlin
Mahon 3*Weekly Monarch
Malaga 6*Weekly Thomsonfly
Moscow 3*Weekly Cathay Pacific
Newquay 1*Daily BMI Baby
New York JFK 1*Daily Delta
Palma 8*Weekly Thomsonfly
Palma 1*Daily Jet2
Perpignan 1*Daily BMI Baby
Rekjavik 2*Weekly Icelandair
Rome 5*Weekly Jet2
Salzburg 2*Weekly Sky Europe
Shannon 3*Weekly Ryanair
Tehran 2*Weekly Mahan

WITHDRAWN (Operated S05 but will not operate S06)

Athens 2*Weekly Hellas Jet (operated part season)
Basle 2*Daily Swiss
Berlin 1*Daily Air Berlin
Cork 1*Daily BA
Dusseldorf 1*Daily Air Berlin
Londonderry 1*Daily BA / Aer Arann
Madrid 1*Daily Monarch
Manston 1*Daily EU Jet (operated part season)
Minsk 1*Weekly Belavia*
Naples 1*Daily Monarch
Nice 1*Daily BA
Oporto 6*Weekly PGA Portugalia
Pisa 1*Daily BA
Rome 1*Daily BA
Shannon 1*Daily BA
Stuttgart 1*Daily BA
Venice 1*Daily BA
Venice 1*Daily Jet 2
Washington 6*Weekly BMI
Zurich 2*Daily BA

* - May return?? no details yet


Basle 1*Daily BMI Regional
Calgliari 2*Weekly Mediterania
Norwich 1*Daily Flybe
Olbia 1*Weekly Mediterania
Plymouth Air Wales
Rennes Air Wales
Tripoli Libyan Arab
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Re Police:

When only BA did Belfast they had to depart and arrive from the Causeway Lounge (Gates 1-3 T3).

When WW started BFS they could depart from a selection of T1 gates but had to arrive at G3 T3.

BA complained (!) about an un-level playing field (!) so the Police check was moved to the T3 security area, allowing BA to depart Belfast from any gate. But arrivals were still to be via T3 G3.

I understand the Police are moving to somewhere around G43 on the arrivals level so a/c can arrive at any gate and the passengers be bussed in with a shorter walk.

The Police check in T1 is now in the arrivals hall, to which passengers will be bussed. This replaces the ludicrous arrangement next to Immigration, where passengers just used their passports and bypassed the check, by going through Immigration with international passengers.

There is no Police check in T2 any more because there are no flights of interest to the Police since FR moved to T1.

Having said that the Police can do what they like if they really want to!
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Ref Vuelo about change of terminals for several airlines.

Why is CX going onto T1, when they went onto T2 a few years ago before they pull out ?

Anyway T2 be better for EK, a lot more room for them, some of the T1 stands aren't the best fokes.
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The key for 2006 will again be the performance of the inclusive tour front. It's still such a big part of MAN's business and it is under constant pressure from the loco operators. November saw 50,000 fewer IT passengers at MAN than last November, pretty much wiping out all of the gains from Jet2 and so on. the problem is that everyone gets excited about new *scheduled* routes to sun spots from Jet2, Thomsonfly and ignores the fact that this very rarely results in the overall market growing.

One to keep a close an eye on.

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As I think has been stated before the IT market is a thing of the past as we have always known it, Jo public are getting much wiser and people are not taking the traditional 2 weeks sun holiday but more smaller breaks or own a villa some where in France, Spain and increasingly Bulgaria, Turkey etc
Therefore the name of the game is flexibility

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Why is CX going onto T1, when they went onto T2 a few years ago before they pull out ?
Because the Airport Authority say there is no room on T2.
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Can anybody confirm the start of Sterling Blue's Manchester to Copenhagen double daily for summer 06 not seen many references to this but I'm sure it was on their web site.
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Why, every time I have ever visited Manchester airport, do the travelators not work ?, on my way outbound 2 weeks ago,carrying a 10 month old with a pushchair and bags etc is ridiculous, I have never (and I use the airport allot) been through terminal 1 with all the travelators / escalators working.

Do Cathay / Etihad know what their pax wil have to put up with ?

The same on my return, the whole of terminal 1's transport 'shut down' ?????

What on earth is the continuing problem ?
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This time of year is the airport's quietest time of year which is why pretty much every escalator and lift is undergoing a total overhaul due to the constant breakdowns which occur. Yes it is frustrating, but they are fixing the problem by putting in totally new ones at the moment. They will all be replaced by summer when the airport is at its busiest.
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........or perhaps they knew that you were
on your way and pulled out all the stops so
that you could have a moan near the edge of
the year.........Am I right or am I RIGHT!
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How succesful do you think Air Southwest's New CWL service will be?

Bmibaby: MAN-NQY will it last?

I do see Bmibaby struggling on their new MAN-NQY service as the timing of the flight is not sutibale I feel made it would be suitable for lesuire passegers. I think Air Southwest's MAN-NQY (via CWL) will do better as it is 2xdaily and at better times.
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I think you mean a330-200. The B777-300 is the lunchtime service, [sometimes a B777-300ER].
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Anyone know when Etihad's operations begin at MAN?
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The 773 ER is almost a daily occurence at MAN at the mo. They seem to have gone tech a few times in the last 2 weeks though. No idea why.
I heard the A330 will stay on the evening flight for the time being.
Not sure whether it'll stay like this until the A380 comes along. I reckon Ethiad and extra Qatar services may limit some expansion for EK in the next year or two.

Their 773 ER is the best looking a/c currently serving MAN I reckon. Love the raked tips and the belly Emirates logo, and it is so loooong!
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going off ringwayreports Libyan Arab Airlines are starting twice weekly (thu,sun) to Tripoli from 2/2/06 with A320 times are A 12-15 D 13-45
Good news (if it start up) any more in the pipeline
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I have heard a rumour that antas are likely to be back at MAN with a three times a week service by 2007! They are awaiting new aircraft and then it looks like MAN will featire again in their long haul prgramme. Good news if it comes of!
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Hi Vuelo
You have left me guessing is it Qantas?

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