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Fly Jet Green -New Carrier in Dub ( Merged)

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Fly Jet Green -New Carrier in Dub ( Merged)

Old 9th Mar 2004, 23:32
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Jet Green Airlines, Dublin

Anyone got any info on this new start airline?

Jet Green
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 01:18
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trade mark registration ........... Jet Green Airways ltd

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Old 10th Mar 2004, 01:34
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Equipment appears to be 757 and flight numbers have an FI prefix - looks like some tie up with Icelandair.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 05:49
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Mmmmm this sounds all very Freshair'ish, what do you think ??
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 21:24
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Despite the impression given by their website, they're just a tour operator. But at least they're licenced.

http://www.aviationreg.ie/downloads/toper.pdf (on page 6)

The only way to contact them is via a 1580 number at 1.90/min.

I'm still a bit suspicious.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 21:48
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a whois look-up for www.flygreen.ie (which redirects to www.flyjetgreen.com) shows 2 names:
John Lepp & Noel McDermot.

% Rights restricted by copyright; http://www.domainregistry.ie/copyright.html
% Do not remove this notice

domain: jetgreen.ie
descr: Corporate Name
admin-c: AAO001-IEDR
tech-c: AAA967-IEDR
source: IEDR

person: John Lepp
nic-hdl: AAO001-IEDR
source: IEDR

person: Noel McDermott
nic-hdl: AAA967-IEDR
source: IEDR


John Lepp is the (former) Chief Executive of FreshAer (according to this article in the Sunday Business Post that I dug up SBP Article

The Irish Companies Website www.cro.ie doesn't give too much info for free.... if there is some-one out there with access to an irish Compnay database such as vision-net/irion, maybe they could shed some light on who the Directors may be...
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 22:36
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Yeah, just heard the new airline being announced on the news on the radio, creating 50 new jobs for Dublin. They'll have to hurry anyway as their web site claims flights start at the beginning of May.

Anyway I just could resist sharing this with you. I saw it on their web page under first class service:

"Dress Code
First Class passengers, including children, are required to observe our strict dress code which is smart-casual (no jeans, shorts, t-shirts, trainers, sandals, beach or sports-wear.)"

BRILLINAT isn't it?? What, a throw back to First class travel in the 50's?

So, will economy passengers wearing jeans or other such clothing have to board through the rear of the a/c? Just so as not to offend any of Jet Green Airway's esteemed first class passengers?

And the poor cabin crew, they'll be told, don't bother checking the boarding passes, just inspect their clothes!?!

And what happens to the first class passenger wearing for example a pair of Calvin Klein which cost him/her 150? Will he/she be donw-graded to Get Green's "Standard" class? While the gentleman wearing the 15 grey slacks from M&S can take his first class seat?? Come on...

And all this on a holiday flight? Probably why they're advertising 1 fares for first 12 bookings on each flight. This is probable for the poor first class passengers... they'll get their booking confirmation with a note saying, "Congratulation on your 1 first class booking from Dublin to Malaga. To entitle you to travel on your flight, you mist bring proof (receipt) of your purchase of new clothing just for your flight with us of a value of at least 500".

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Old 11th Mar 2004, 00:02
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An asscoiate just looked up the details of the directors of JetGreen. These include Erig Conway (former commercial directoer of freshaer) and Jim Duggan (former head pilot of freshaer)
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Old 11th Mar 2004, 04:22
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That's interesting! The last I heard of Jim Duggan after he left Ryanair was that he went to Astraeus together with his daughter. I never knew he was involved in FreshAer either.
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Old 11th Mar 2004, 07:01
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Jet green

I smell some Willy walsh inspired treachery here... on the day Aerlingus announce a fantastic set of results (albeit with a qualifier about "increasing low fare competition") This is suddenly brought to attention in the Dublin airport forum?? Are these two routes not some of Aerlingus's star performers?

Dont believe a word of it...

Interesting too that Aerlingus has said it's following the Jet Blue model and now here we have a carrier called Jet Green...

Too many little co-incidences for my liking..

But, as always where new services are concerned, I hope to be proved wrong..
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Old 11th Mar 2004, 22:52
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New Carrier in Dub

Just been checking on this new carrier start up out of dublin. flyjetgreen.com anyone know whose behind it. Theyre starting on agp and alc. Interesting to see what Ryan n Shamrock will do.

Anyone know what happened to bmi charter program this year ex dublin seems to be non existant for the summer

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Old 11th Mar 2004, 23:48
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that would be who's, not whose
..and your point is?

Last edited by Hawk; 12th Mar 2004 at 01:59.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 00:20
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Wholeheartedly good luck to them !!

If they stick to their mission (fair prices with high service), they are in fo success : there is no competition in Dublin against that. One airline who treats their customers like cattle and a flag carrier that follows the same path, cancelling all its in-flight service.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 01:50
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Aren't you very clever silverhawk? By the way, you're supposed to start sentences with capitals and end with a full stop.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 02:34
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CityJet also operate a route to AGP from Dublin. That will make it 4 scheduled airlines on the route this summer. Expect a lot of cheap seats!!!
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 03:38
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I don't really think that this new idea will work, and whilst I know that people do say this everytime someone comes up with a new idea, a number of airlines "promising something new & different" vanish from the air space as quickly as they arrived with the whirl-wind of publicity.

High quality service with low fares has been tried before in the UK & Ireland - Debonair. It failed miserably because of a bad cost base which didn't allow it to keep up with EasyJet & Ryanair.

Ryanair already flies between DUB & AGP, and serves from many airports Murcia (about 1 hour from Alicante) do who knows if they will launch that route from Dublin as well.

Either way, the company is going to come under much competition, with a product (first class means less seats = less seats to spread the cost of the flight across allowing lower fares) and aircraft type (the 757 can not do turn arounds under 50 minutes - more time on the ground = fewer rotations = higher costs) that are flawed.

Good luck, but JetGreen (doesn't it seem like projectile vomiting a jet green?) seems to have too many flaws.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 06:49
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Freshaer backers bounce back with new airline Fly Jet


From the Irish Independent.

SOME of the key players in collapsed aviation start-up Freshaer have bounced back with a new company called Fly Jet Green Airways.

And it is already taking bookings from the public, despite not having signed a contract with any airline carrier.

Freshaer was a controversial short-lived company which was forced last year to refund 250,000 to customers after it emerged it had not received the correct licences from the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

Freshaer was also hit by revelations that the company was involved in a dispute with the Deputy Inspector of Companies in the UK and that one of its backers, John Lepp, was a convicted fraudster and restricted director in Britain.

Mr Lepp is not involved in any manner in Fly Jet but for the fact they had acquired their ticket booking engine from him, the company said. Fly Jet has been granted a tour operator's licence for Ireland, is fully bonded and is preparing to start offering flights to Spain from May, it continued. Fly Jet's directors as listed in the companies office are Eric Conway and pilot Jim Duggan, who previously worked with Freshaer.

However, Mr Duggan, a former Ryanair chief pilot, resigned as a Fly Jet director in the last three weeks, the company said.

Businessman Colin Gervaise-Brazier, a former backer of Freshaer, is also providing the bulk of financial backing to get the business off the ground.

Pearse Gilroy, who was one of the driving forces behind the success of Cityjet, is chief executive.

Mr Gilroy revealed that the company had already taken bookings from the public despite not having signed a contract with an airline carrier. He said he was confident that he would sign a contract with Icelandair within days.

Flyjetgreen.com went live this week and is advertising flights using flight numbers for planes that are supplied by Icelandair.

However, a spokesperson for Icelandair, which was also the carrier that was to work with Freshaer, said he was "surprised" to be informed yesterday that Fly Jet was promoting itself using Icelandair flight numbers, given that no contract has been signed.

He said he was "unhappy" about this. "We don't want to be seen to be associated with something that might not take off," he said.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 07:06
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Expect Alicante and especially Malaga to be Green this summer!!!!!

AGP will be served by Aer Lingus, Cityjet, Ryanair , and now JetGreen!!! Not to mention all the other usual charter operators!

I think Jet Green could well be hammered by Aer Lingus on both those routes, especially when they play bully boys and bring the A330-300 out to play.

Rumours are it will come in from Boston then straight out to Malaga. Very low seat/mile costs compared to a JetGreen B757. Crews are available, Aircraft are available, just the extra trip fuel and fees. 335 seats per aircraft would seriously reduce JetGreens yeild, and could tear apart the business plan. JetMagic revisited.

But with EI having no Premier class to Malaga now, who's gonna sit in that Green leather up the front???? Maybe time to enrol in that silly TAB club thing!!!
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 18:26
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What do you mean by

"JetMagic revisited"?

Jetmagic had no competition on any of it's routes and collapsed due to a combination of insufficient funding, bad management and bad business plans.

Before they ever operated a flight of their own they had spent over half their funds on wages and lease in costs, mainly due to thinking that they could walk in and buy an AOC off the shelf.
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Old 13th Mar 2004, 03:19
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Thumbs down

The whole thing smells like jetSh*t to me!
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