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Fake SAA pilot flew under radar

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Fake SAA pilot flew under radar

Old 1st Mar 2019, 09:55
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Fake SAA pilot flew under radar

A senior SAA pilot was forced to resign this year after the airline discovered he had flown aircraft for more than 20 years with fraudulent paperwork.

SAA discovered that William Chandler’s airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) was a forgery during an investigation into a “reportable incident” on a flight he piloted, the airline said this week.

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Old 1st Mar 2019, 11:19
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"SAA's Robust Safety procedures"....and then, it had to be in Germany, that the guy was caught. Looool...laughable SAA bs
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Old 8th Mar 2019, 06:22
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Vicky Buxton has been suspended

Vicky Buxton has been suspended from SAA for covering up for William Chandler. fraudulent ATPL.
SAA discovered that William Chandler’s airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) was a forgery.
How did she every get into SAA?
Things must be worse at SAA than I imagined, if they employed such a dodgy/infamous character

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Old 8th Mar 2019, 09:53
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Originally Posted by wabulabantu View Post
A senior SAA pilot was forced to resign this year after the airline discovered he had flown aircraft for more than 20 years with fraudulent paperwork.

SAA discovered that William Chandler’s airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) was a forgery during an investigation into a “reportable incident” on a flight he piloted, the airline said this week.


But an SAA insider with knowledge of the incident but no authority to speak on record said of the flight: “There were some strange turns that the aircraft made in the air that were not understood by anybody, even in the cabin crew.

“When they landed, obviously they had to write a safety report, and apparently there was even a problem with the jet itself because of what he had done.”

Well that sounds like a reliable and knowledgable source
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Old 8th Mar 2019, 16:52
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From October 12th 2005.

Not quite sure about the 'Lady' bit. The daughter of a Baron would bear the title 'The Honourable', as in The Hon. Miss/Mrs XYZ.
I think only one Baron Buxton in English peerage: that being Baron Buxton of Alsa, a Life Peerage created in 1978. There is/was a Baronet Buxton, of Belfield, but children of Baronets carry no titles or distinctions.
That's enough on Titles and Forms of Addresses for the nonce.

So no, no title, unless shady lady springs to mind and the past would seem to present some significant difficulty with the lady part of that descriptive handle.
Here is more from the same prune press.

26th Oct 2005, 13:09

This has indeed been a most fascinating thread which has attracted a degree of international interest and speculation. I strongly suspect and indeed, hope most fervently, that it has been followed with some thoroughness by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority amongst others. The audience to whom the evidence and opinions on these pages has been submitted is extensive and probably, by and large, professional.
It is certainly fairly obvious that some who have contributed to this topic have a considerable influence in high places and access to information which might be denied to lesser mortals.
It would appear that the South African Civil Aviation Authority is somewhat lacking in the capacities and capabilities of policing itself. I should have thought that the misalliance of young MI coupled with that of VB would raise the odd quizzical eyebrow or two in The Department of Transport, where, I hope these pages have received some attention. Perhaps someone should e mail a copy of this thread to both the Minister for Transport and the SA/CAA, for their edification and general amusement. I should have thought it could all make good newspaper copy as well.
I would expect that a great many people have read through the past few pages of the chequered path to power of La Buxton. Rather like Lady Sabine De Winter in The Three Musketeers, her rise has been spectacular. However, it might raise a smile or two were one to remember that Lady De Winter had her head chopped off by the headsman of France upon the orders of her ex husband, Athos, who incidentally was a most excellent and honourable man!
I think that La Buxton, Nationwide Airways, its management and the South African Civil Aviation Authority have made rather a laughing stock of themselves throughout the world of aviation, not just in South Africa.
Surely it behoves the SA/CAA to initiate an inquiry into this affair and, in the meantime, to place certain restrictions upon the operational management of La B's employers as might reasonably be necessary and expedient in order to ensure that those, who are after all, in positions of public trust cannot continue to excercise their present powers in the operation of public transport until it has been satisfactorily established that the qualifications and references which were used to obtain such appointments, are genuine.
If the South African CAA wishes to be regarded as something of an international jackass; it will do nothing. If however, it would prefer to be better recognised as a force for aviation in Southern Africa and thereby, by extension, the whole continent; it will act to put certain parts of its house in order.
As a government agency, the CAA has a degree of public responsibilty and accountancy. Its judgement in certain matters has been called into question and, in the minds of some, its lack of judgement has been proved conclusively. Government departments owe the public a certain duty of care and when this is called into question, usually, I admit, by means of matters raised in parliament or the press, they owe the great chattering crowd an explanation.
It would not be an unreasonable assumption to state that no government department would willingly waltz into the morass of a public inquiry. However at the very least, this one should act decisively to exculpate itself from the position of inept turpitude in which, at the very best, its lack of attention to internationally sourced evidence has placed it.jammydonut
26th Oct 2005, 18:03
Is this the same woman who was rescued by RN Helicopter during the Falklands war when she was shacked up with another female when making some wildlife films for Anglia TV's "Survival" series?cavortingcheetah
26th Oct 2005, 18:08

Not so loud. They'll hear you.
That would be Lucinda, known as Cindy, her sister, I believe.

Annie Price was the other?

Now, back to the present day and on extracting Volume XII of the personal diaries from the shelf, I am reminded again how easily the SACAA can resemble a buxom oily slinky slithering down the stairs. One can remember refusing a flight test with the previously discussed person because the qualifications for of the examiner were so laughable as to be risible. One can remember the HS748 first officer who suddenly ascended to a position of great responsibility in the CAA and whose office always seemed to be full of people from the land where Sind is, probably doing exactly that. Classical historians might take note of the contextual meaning of Peccavi. Then one's diary entry dwells on a bottle of Chivas Regal and an air law paper remark. The quafer of the chivas was a top guy though and so it goes. Then and it is with a great degree of trepidation that I say this, but then, when flying was all about actually about being a sky god and not a variety of game boy, there was JJ Swanepoel. Anyone remember JJ?

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South African Pilot - fraudulent licence
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