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Kenya Airways info

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Kenya Airways info

Old 20th Nov 2006, 13:58
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hi guys

ok let me say im happy to finally reach the place i was lookin 4. MARUBANI WA KENYA. firstly im very new but let me say this to all those guys outside thea and ur qualified. what r u waitin 4 come back home bana. even if u want to fly for K.Q u can still be flyin the caravan's n kig air's in wilson. like kq guy said the exodus in to K.Q has created a hole somewhere. n obviously the hole is wilson.
ama aje K.Q GUY
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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 14:49
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Thread Starter
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Conversion process info

Hey riggs thnx for the post, was wondering how one starts the conversion process especially if one is overseas. What publications if any exist that might prep a person for the conversion, also do you know if FAA type ratings are honoured ?

thanks in advance for any info

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Old 23rd Nov 2006, 08:09
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hi acy

ok, first for conversion you must be here.
so u only need to sit for your airlaw exam
secondly convert your c.p.l
then do n I.R test on a twin(they dont accept I.R on a single engine)
bout the type ratings, hav to confirm that.
the whole process takes around 3-4 months
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Old 9th Dec 2006, 23:21
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Hey KQ Guy, could you tell me the compensation for first yer kq capt/fo/so?

Are you guys paid diff depending on aircraft?

Why do some pilots have 2 stripes?are these the Second Officers?
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 12:35
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I spoke to the guy at KQ that hires. He told me if you South African they can hire you on contract if you have more that 3000 total time without a type rating on one of the aircraft they got.
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Old 12th Dec 2006, 23:29
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Interesting, not heard about the 3000hr SA applicants.. haven't heard of such in the rumour mill, but even more A/c on order I hear, so quite possible, but would imagine not only from SA. Also, any idea who's going to crew the cargo fleet announced in the Nation. Wet lease??
p.s. 1 stripe, second officer. 2 FO, 3 senior FO. ( 5 years, posted for command, I believe )
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Old 22nd Dec 2006, 00:07
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still looking for more info on pay etc, any ideas???

How long does it take to make capt??, do they have min req for capt times etc

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Old 22nd Dec 2006, 14:52
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Hi anyone know Neil Johanson, Neil if you are reading this PM me, old friend from our brief time in the Seychelles. Anyone know him let me know contact details, thanks
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Old 30th Dec 2006, 10:48
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How does one fight against discrimination of Kenyan cit with exemplary qualifications both academic and flight and including glass cockpit experience.I am talking about the channel 'O' factor!


Originally Posted by KQGuy View Post
With the rate at which we are hiring, I can't see it continuing for much longer - maybe a couple more years. The fleet plan from now until 2010 sees the introduction of 5 extra airplanes : 3 737-800s this year and 2 777-200s next year. The 787s are replacing the 767s in 2010 and whatever RJs they get will replace the Saab so the net gain there is going to be 0. The other thing is that the average age for captains is going down as younger and younger guys are coming down for the left seat and the retirement age was recently increased to 63.

SO, anyone looking to join needs to get down here, convert and apply ASAP!!
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Old 1st Jan 2007, 06:17
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KQ pay

Happy new year guys

Hey, Marubani wa KQ, i'm still looking for pay information for first officers and captains , and also how long is the contract if hired??

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Old 4th Jan 2007, 10:08
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Generally, it is true, that KQ is not an expat friendly zone. Whether this is right or not is not really in the scope of this thread and I have contributed my one and a half cents about this in previous threads.

The management is always offering contracts (or threatening to do so) to various people and then the Pilots' Association intervenes with their threats and everything dies down. Unfortuantely, there are people caught up in the middle - those that intend to sign these contracts. This has been going on for years.

Tcee747: To answer your questions, the pay at KQ is in line with international standards. I do not know anything about contract lengths as I'm not on one. If you sign a contract you do not join our seniority system and thus remain on the seat of the aircraft that you signed for. For example, 11 years ago a group of people signed contracts as 737-200 crew and they have remined so for those 11 years!

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Old 6th Jan 2007, 22:01
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Discrimination at KQ


Originally Posted by cheesyfan View Post
discrimination of Kenyan cit? you must be joking. By the way, is this company having finanical problem? This company never pay correct amount of salary for those non-kenyan cit.
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Old 8th Jan 2007, 02:13
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KQ Pay

thanks kq guy, that helps a bit, is your pay same for all ca/fo regardless of a/c type

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Old 11th Jan 2007, 03:55
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Kq Days Off

hey guys, how many days off do you normally have per month?
How are your african trips/routes scheduled ? are they out and backs or combination with layovers up to 5 days away from base?

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Old 19th Dec 2007, 13:48
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Pilot Training

Would you know where I could train for piloting? I just completed my secondary education and I really want to be a pilot. Do you know any school that would offer scholarship?

Best regards.

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Old 19th Dec 2007, 15:41
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Quick quest to all KQ marubaniz......
Is it a smart thing to buy a 737-800 type rating and do line training for the same(say 500hrs) to increase the chances of getting hired? I have a cash cushion that can cater for that. Advice me on this.
Tutaonana hivi karibuni
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Old 21st Dec 2007, 14:37
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Hey folks!

I have been following this thread for a couple of weeks and trying to weigh people opinions.What i've go to say being non kenyan that KQ which is a world class airline and that has proven itself with a remarkable first class service,brand new fleet and reliable is in the process of more expansion hence they need more planes and crews however the local demand of pilots itself is not enough i understand KALPA is trying to empower local citizens which is quite normal for every nation but they should also look at KQ interest.Emirates,Cathay and Singapour also have their own cadet programmes but they still employ expats to supplement the demand so i don't see why KQ which is aiming at becoming like those can't do that.Airlines like Air madagascar is on a contract basis with Cameroon Airlines pilots who fly their B 767 they're not employed by air madagascar but it's a contract bonding them with Cameroon Airlines where pilots do like a month rotation return to base for a while and another set of crew go and so forth i think KQ also did that on the B 737-200 fleet so why can't they do on the rest.Cheers
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Old 21st Dec 2007, 20:57
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Do you think KQ might consider hiring somebody with "prerequisite high school grades" to try and get their schedule integrity back on track. A three out of three for late departures on my last few trips including a four hour delay and then 45 minutes for the bags .. not really the Pride of Africa when that happens
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Old 16th Jan 2008, 20:36
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S. E. X,

I dont think its worth it. And you are not guaranteed entry to the 737-300/700/800 fleet...might start on the Emb 90. Save your cash.
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Old 17th Jan 2008, 00:46
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Duly noted!!
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