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Runway incursion at Burbank

Accidents and Close Calls Discussion on accidents, close calls, and other unplanned aviation events, so we can learn from them, and be better pilots ourselves.

Runway incursion at Burbank

Old 28th Feb 2023, 18:17
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Originally Posted by JanetFlight
A new more "detailed" clip

BTW, is it only me having a great difficulty understanding such rapid english non-standard comms or the ATC lady gave the SKW clr for TO run even before the light N47C crossed their path from right to left, in front of them on the GA procedure!!???

Well, it appears the pilots involved understood the controller's words, given that they gave clear readbacks, and followed the clearances accurately up to the GA. Except for 47C's slight confusion about the exact crosswind to follow.

Regarding the path of 1547C, it was on the go virtually directly over the top of the SKW, since the piano keys on 33 are only a few hundred meters south of 26 centerline (see airport layout in the video). And 47C was given a slight left turn to crosswind 33 (240) which would put it even further south. Unless SKW was a helicopter taking off straight up, there was no conflict there at any time.

However, putting 47C onto a left circuit and eventual left downwind did "box in" the options for the controller (and pilots) regarding the landing jet (ASH5826) - 47C on the left side, rising terrain on the right side. Thus the "fly runway heading" instruction for the go-around, resulting in the conflict with the departing SKW.
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Old 12th Nov 2023, 02:42
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From CALLBACK Issue 524

A CRJ900 Captain took action to mitigate a perceived threat, but the situation quickly grew worse before it improved.

We were cleared for the visual approach to Runway XX and told to contact Tower. We called Tower, and they said, “Aircraft X, continue, aircraft on runway is position and hold.” As we got closer, there was lots of chatter on frequency, but we were not cleared to land. We could see a plane on the runway and tried to get clearance, but lots of chatter. Tower cleared [that] aircraft for takeoff and cleared us to land, as we were on short final. There was no way the departing aircraft could be off the runway in time, so we went missed approach. My FO reported to Tower that we were going missed, and Tower told us, “Climb to 4,000 feet, and turn right heading 270, no! LEFT, LEFT heading 270!” …which we did. As we did our missed approach, we got a TA from [our] right, and it turned into an RA. Tower said, “Aircraft X, turn right, NO! LEFT to” a heading. I don’t remember exactly which heading. We were busy responding to the RA, which my FO reported to them. Tower handed us over to ZZZ Departure, who turned us to the northwest. I asked how long this vector would be; they said not long. I said to them, “That was a total catastrophe back there!”… They replied, “I agree.” ZZZ got us back onto the visual approach for [Runway] XX again and handed us over to Tower. I was surprised to hear the same Controller! They cleared us to land, and we landed without further incident.
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Old 21st Jun 2024, 15:10
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NTSB Aviation Investigation Preliminary Report - N954LR, N619UX
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Old 24th Jun 2024, 00:23
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"After multiple queries to ATCT to obtain a landing clearance with no response, and while on about a 2-mile final approach they were cleared to land followed immediately by a takeoff clearance for flight 5326"

Yet again we see that a landing clearance means absolutely nothing in the USA, it's just people saying words.
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