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Eddie Dean
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Eddie and Aussie,
Once again, Sunfish has it nailed.
Sunfish (among other things, ex-Ansett engineering) and the rest of us operate in the real world of aviation, I have no idea what you two do. The "Twilight Zone" perhaps??
Maybe, if you are employed (self or otherwise) in the industry, you have had a charmed life. Or maybe it is too much wakkybakky,
Yes mate, out here in the twilight zone, where CASA act exactly like I expect them to, with the odd drunken exception - them your Honour, not me (it's a very old joke).
I too have been to the AAT and applauded when they nailed some wenker trying to be a "bush" lawyer.
Who cares what Sunfish did 100 years ago in Ansett Engineering, if in fact he speaks truth, more like gaman manki, if you was to arks me.
Maybe you should stop trying to stir things up Lead sled, or is that Honda Gold Wing.
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