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Originally Posted by Aussie Bob View Post
Look Sunny, I hate to say it but if the industry was to provide all the services you seem to require the cost would be double.

While some of the events you describe in your learning process are sad and avoidable, they will continue in schools where inexperienced commercial pilots become inexperienced instructors. This is the way the industry is because experienced instructors cost a whole lot more than beginners.

It is also a fact that learning to fly is largely "self help" affair. A whole heap of folk don't make it. At the last establishment I worked at there were literally hundreds logbooks of the starters who never made it going back to the '60s. No doubt some of these folk would have stayed to completion with better instructors but simply they weren't available. The industry supports instructors who see training hours as stepping stones onto bigger and better jobs. To think you can turn up at a school, learn all there is about "lesson x" and then go home and forget aviation till the next lesson is plain naive. The honest schools will tell you this and set homework then make sure you have done it.

Now, we could hurl rocks at CASA here too but while the organization is a stubborn bureaucracy, in the 3 decades I have been in the industry, by and large I have had great experiences with their employees. I have no paranoia about going where they might be lurking and the ramp checks I have experienced as a commercial pilot have all been easy going.

I think it has always been this way.
Would appear that there are(is?) two industries, the one Aussie Bob and I operate in and the one the Sunfish et al operate in.
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