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turns out to be simply a punitive regulator with no interest in learning, merely rigid compliance.
It is sad that the blokes that promoted learning in CASA have long since retired. Over the 30 odd years I had dealing directly with CASA, the organisation gradually changed, especially after moving from on airport offices to "commercial" office space.

Several FOI (and Examiners) went over and above what was required of them and I am grateful for that. One could talk pilot to pilot over a coffee in their lunch room.

In the early 90s I sat down with and FOI and we went through the OM paragraph by paragraph.

Gradually, after moving to "commercial" office space, that access changed. I remember one day I was having a discussion with a FOI at his desk when I was asked to remove myself from the work place. If I wanted to have a chat with the FOI, I had to make it official and have it in a designated meeting room.

One FOI remarked that he could not attend the local Christmas Party as he was told that he should not be seen mixing socially with the industry.

It gradually became worse. Not even a front desk - just a button to ring a bell somewhere in the building. No direct delivery of documents. All had to got to some mysterious mail clearing office in Canberra. If the mail delivery did not require a signature, the delivery never arrived even though AustPost could show delivery.

I am glad I retired when I did. CASA had lost its way and its soul.
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