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TheMightyAtom / Vokes55 speak the truth.

My husband worked his ass off for O'Leary for seven years. He came to the end of his tether (could write reams as to the reasons why but you already get the gist of attitude towards their 'contractors' in this and other threads) and left 18 months ago.

Shortly after leaving a brown envelope turned up on our doorstep....HMRC were investigating us for tax fraud. It was no coincidence, I know, and am communicating with, other pilots who have encountered the exact same treatment. On leaving they received the brown envelope too....

Ryanairs attitude - you dare to walk away? then we will dob you in to HMRC so you can battle with the tax man following the way in which we instructed you to join as 'self employed' ..... honestly, you couldn't make this stuff up!

Please, don't even consider joining Ryanair.
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