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Originally Posted by Tom4 View Post
But honestly I would like to fly more (do not judge me because of this), I heard that in ryr you will get 900hrs per year "with out" mercy as FO. I have got 800hrs in my last 12 months but I would like to fly more. ->this is the reason
I have the better part of a decade in Ryanair. I will tell you what I believe an overwhelming majority of Ryanair pilots would tell you;

I would STRONGLY advise against joining Ryanair because you want to fly a few more hours.

I would fairly strongly advise against joining for any reason except impending financial ruin.

They couldn't possibly care less about staff. If you get cancer, they'll ring you every few months - they wont ask how you are, they will only ask when you can get back to the line.

You will be treated extremely rudely by crew control/rostering/anyone you have contact with. I know some who was denied parental leave for their child being born, because they hadnt worked there long enough (they had worked there for several years but Ryanair had recently, and without many options, changed their contract).

You get paid wrong - "ah Yeah, well you'll get the rest in next month's pay or the month after" - "next month? Wait that doesn't sound*other guy hangs up*

People on the outside always reply to these things "ah sure well it's not great there, but I can live without being cuddled and babied by an employer"

Those that join, without exception, change their tune when they experience the misery Ryanair has to heap on people seemingly randomly.

Most of your terms and conditions, except the very low basic pay (20-25k for FOs and 60-70k for Captains)- are non-contractual and subject to change at a moment's notice.
I.e 5/4 roster (how's that going), annual leave (hahahaha), sector pay (upto >50% of your income, depending on rank). So on and so forth.

Ever been fatigued (now I'm into dangerous legal ground)? Nobody has, Michael says it's impossible. Even when you are sent out of base for months at a time.

I could go on.

That is why they're stuffed, don't believe the spin; they are very stuffed. It is not business as usual.
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