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There's aviating, sitting in the front seat, as a passenger, watching the fluffy clouds go by, romancing at the stars on your 4th night flight, wondering how the sun sank in the same window as it rose, wondering when you will get a chance to stretch your legs and get some blood flow into your muscles, wondering why your eyes feel so dry and your skin so greasy, watching the nose of the a/c follow the magenta line, watching the auto thrust control the speeds small deviations, watching the FD stay centred all the time, listening to the snores of the guy in the other seat who succumbed to the efforts of saying awake, watching the a/c follow the ILS to 500' and you doing exactly what ATC tell you to do (worse than being married) then an OMG moment as you need to sharpened up and disconnect it all to create a controlled arrival. You then spend a few moments trying to remember were you've parked you are on this day, not yesterday.
And then there's real flying. If you really want to fly lots & lots and be a real commercial pilot then join Highlands & Islands or go island hopping in Caribbean, or float plane flying in Scandinavia or west Canada, or fly for Suzi in Indonesia, or go to Botswana and fly the bush, or go to Air Alaska battle the elements. Live simple & have fun. Or you can strap an aluminium tube to your backside for hours on end and hopefully pay the mortgage and a decent car and finish with a retirement pot after 40 years with the piloting skills of a rooster and wonder what happened to the hobbies of our youth and the first 2 wives.
But hey, go for it and all success.
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