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My old out fit though about 6 months after I joined I did a visual onto the nearest end instead of the active as cleared by ATC.

They hadn't turned the PAPI's on or ILS.

The FO wasn't happy at all about continuing passed the stabilisation gate.

We did, I landed... submitted a report as the Fo wasn't happy, mucho discussions afterward even though there is nothing mentioned in the SOP's on the subject with fleet office types

FDR confirmed I was within limits for an ILS profile I was stabilised 500ft early so the noise died down.

But because of the noise it created I don't think I would do it again even though it was perfectly safe. The boss said he would have been happy with breaking into a circle round onto the active runway if it would happen again. I still did them but now get confirmation that the PAPI's are turned on before accepting the clearance. But to be honest they need 5-10mins to warm up to give a calibrated glideslope so turning them on 3 mins before arrival is just a ticking a box exercise.

Some of them have never done anything other than 3 deg approaches with papi even when they were doing there SEP phase of there training. After they have seen me doing a couple a few ask me how to do visuals. But the majority are really not interested. And the ones that think they can do them expertly usually end up with a longer finals than if we were on vectors and sub 160knts by about 6 miles thus making the whole exercise a bit pointless.
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