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Originally Posted by alfred_the_great View Post
I would presume that the cap will be lifted, but no new money: want a pay rise, either find the money in your current budget or cut even harder to fund it.
Spot on, but that seems to be buried in the small print of today's announcement for Police and Prison Officers, as well as still being significantly lower than inflation. That hasn't stopped the Government putting a positive spin on things.

Also 'buried in the small print' was a statement carried by the BBC from Liz Truss that suggests public sector shouldn't get used to +1% rises:

Treasury minister Liz Truss said hard-working public sector workers deserved to be "fairly rewarded".

While pay discipline would need to continue for many years, she said, ministers would give special consideration in future awards to areas of the public sector where there were staff shortages
Taken at face value, that suggests to me that pay rises will be kept at 1% unless there is a compelling reason for short term increases above that level. If that happens it runs the risk of pay rises being used purely as a tool to aid recruiting & retention rather than in recognition of the knowledge, skills and demands of a job, and actually paves a way for pay freezes in times where numbers are deemed healthy or acceptable, or at best targeted at specific cohorts.

Call me a cynic for suggesting that, but you just know that some policy type in Whitehall is probably already doing the calculations on where to draw that line and how much they can save by doing it whilst simultaneously being able to claim support for the public sector. I don't see the unions buying into it, and I still think choppy waters lie ahead in coming months.

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