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The report as written doesn't go into hows and whys. And saying "he should have done this" and "he should have checked that" really doesn't help. What happened was that an incorrect flap setting went unnoticed, for whatever reason. To move ahead we need to understand why this happened. Questions as to how the flight was progressing at the time, the progress of the trainee, the operation standard of the LTC, differences between manufacturer and company SOP's, the weather of the day and so on. The report just basically said "it happened". As low level incident goes, that is quite appropriate, but I wonder what the company report said? Failure to fix this means there will be a re-occurrence.

As for flying in Canberra, Cairns, Hobart - Yes the ground is a bumpy but the biggest challenges in Oz are due to the effects of hot climate and remote alternates. By weather I mean damn hot, proper CB's, real rain and winds that are unpredictable. But on a typical day, flying in Oz is pretty straight forwards. The most complicated thing to overcome is generally officialdom and "strict Australian standards".

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