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Originally Posted by wheels_down View Post
Another close call. We seem to have a problem in this country with poor check and training standards being applied to these Cadet schemes which is creating continued problems. Jetstar and Virgin clearly are not putting in the adequate resources for the successful running of the programs. Easyjet and Ryanair nail this.

Is this just another excuse for cadet-bashing? Where's the evidence that the FO was a cadet, or if they were that was a factor in this incident? And, considering a before landing checklist should include a requirement for both pilots to check flap setting why aren't we holding the Captain partially responsible for the mistake as well?

If anyone reads through ATSB history there's been plenty of cock ups by flight crews of all different backgrounds, as mentioned there was a 737 with, I assume, an experienced crew who made an approach with an incorrect flap setting the very same day. But it seems some have an axe to grind whenever they think something bad has been committed by one of those dastardly "cadets".
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