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Well, in my opinion, anyone who works a day off, joins the training department on a pay as you train basis, sells their leave, etc, etc has no reason to complain when Emirates treats us the way they do.

What did you think was going to happen?

You're basically pulling your pants down and bending over to pick up the soap and we're all getting [email protected], not just you.

I hope it was worth it because you're contributing to them being able to give us no pay rise, which leads to no increase in our provident fund contributions, no increase in education allowance, whilst increasing our monthly medical insurance premiums, stopping us opting out of company accommodation, etc, etc.

All at a time when it's becoming more expensive to live in Dubai (Car Insurance increases, VAT being introduced next year, schools putting their fees up 4% year on year). I could go on and on.

Imagine if you'd all said "No"
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