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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
Firstly we are not talking propensity to fly as I am directly looking at those who ARE flying, where they reside, where they are flying from and where they are flying to. Yorkshire and Humberside needlessly loses millions upon millions of flying passengers. I am looking at figures. When Yorkshire has a BETTER located and functioning airport the propensity to fly will increase.

Stating that the location of an airport allied to its accessibility and importantly the location and accessibility of its direct competitors makes no difference to the numbers flying is quite clearly proven utter garbage.

What we can all agree on is there is a better location for a Yorkshire airport. ps as far as I know I've not been banned on here its just you have a little more time to post on here than me!
I'm looking at figures too. It's how you calculate propensity to fly. You don't seem to understand that folk from your area don't fly as much as folk from other areas do. Where those that do fly choose to fly from is another matter but does not fall into the realms of "millions and millions"
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