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Originally Posted by dr dre View Post
I have flown on several US airlines. Appalling would be a complement.
We can argue about the standards of airlines here in Australia but our saving grace is that we haven't reached the pathetic US level of customer service yet. Out airlines aren't getting the cops to drag bloodied people off overbooked planes. If anything it's JB who needs to hired in the US to teach them a lesson.
Mate - that last comment of yours has to be in the running for the most unqualified, ignorant comment placed on a public forum I have seen in a long time.
First of all - if it was indicative of the current standard in customer service in the USA, it wouldn't have attracted the headlines and hype that it did.

Second - this was a case of a passenger disobeying a lawful instruction from aircrew after boarding, and the dude is no hero! This wasn't a tank bearing down on him at Tiananmen Square, he stubbornly refused to do as he was instructed and hence law enforcement officers were called in to physically remove him from the aircraft In a sane world populated by rational human beings he would be vilified and paraded before the courts, but in our Social Media driven discourse, he is held up as a victim Sadly the CEO of United was to gutless to stand up and defend his crew, and instead rolled over in a pathetic attempt to appease "public opinion". He should be ashamed of himself.

There - rant over
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