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Originally Posted by dr dre View Post
I have flown on several US airlines. Appalling would be a complement.
We can argue about the standards of airlines here in Australia but our saving grace is that we haven't reached the pathetic US level of customer service yet. Out airlines aren't getting the cops to drag bloodied people off overbooked planes. If anything it's JB who needs to hired in the US to teach them a lesson.
When the country has airline pilots claiming food stamps there is something seriously wrong, while the CEOs claim million dollar bonuses. Although, I will say, prior to it going into Chapter 11 for the first time ever, AA's CEO Gerard Arpy I believe, was on about a third of what GD was being paid here in Austrailia.
The only US carrier I've flown on was Southwest and they were fine for what I paid... Oh, I forgot and PSA in 1974 and they were fantastic for the era until deregulation and they got gobbled up by US.
The more troubling thing lately is this Parliamentary Inquiry where some **** is talking about allowing cabotage to all international operators. Seriously, the worst most moronic idea I've heard... even the bastion of unbridled capitalism the USA restricts entry to its domestic aviation market. But, leave it to us to be stupid enough to allow anyone to fly here domestically without a CASA issued AOC.
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