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If we were to get A/C 8, I'd say Kefalonia (x1 weekly) was well overdue, as is Budapest (x2 weekly) and a return of Venice (x2 weekly)

Aside from that x1 weekly Thessaloniki would be a very welcome addition once weekly (I don't know why we were left out from the initial destinations list)

Others on my wishlist would be an second Madeira flight and Kos (x1 weekly). Oddballs, but plausible would be x2/3 weekly Paris and x2 weekly Vienna. With x12 extra weekly flights, plus a couple of well placed frequency increases, that would just about see one more aircraft filled up. Fingers crossed for 3 733/5 738 next year.

I really can't see Egypt or Tunisia coming back, Jet2 has always been more on the cautious side with that. If anything I think it would be Hurghada and only from a select few airports, namely Manchester and maybe Stansted. I'd say Morocco would be more likely to feature than Egypt or Tunisia. I'm also hoping Iceland makes an appearance in the not too distant future.

Naples would be nice, but is it worth risking TOM? Same could be said for Split. Glad to see TOM return to Dubrovnik, hopefully they're co-existing nicely there unlike Madeira, it would seem.

It doesn't appear to be an error... But Rome will be x3 weekly in March '18 and x4 weekly April '18, reverting to x2 weekly for the rest of the season, any ideas why?
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