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OK, so here we go. With the gracious consent of the mods we have an officially "permitted" new NCL thread.

I know as a supporter of NCL we all want to keep our ear to the ground as to what is going on, however, due to the inappropriate rantings of a few who know who you are, you managed to scupper it for everyone.

Can we please make sure when posting that no accusations, libelous remarks and anything detrimental to the good name of PPRuNe is posted.

The press have covered the recent goings on upstairs at NCL and confidentiality clauses and agreements have prevented them from publishing various stories and that should be your benchmark.

Back to the purpose. NCL like everywhere else is going through tough times rumours abound on routes and facilities alike, can we stick to that and for Gods sake lets try to find some good news somewhere !
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Old 13th Nov 2008, 10:07
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Looks like Krakow and Prague will not return next summer, unless routes are being introduced gradually....
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Totally agree!

Easyjet Summer 2009

Looks like 5 aircraft base, all 319?? instead of 6 x 737 this year, Prague and Krakow gone as in some other airports I think. STN just 2x daily as per winter.
The first BRS and STN flights swap with a based aircraft from those two bases that departs about the same time as the outbound NCL departure. So allowing an earlier departures to Alicante and Malaga than if the based aircraft was used and had to come back to NCL! (does that make sense).

When are Flybe announcing Summer 2009. What is the situation re charters ie Tom and TCX. Anyone going to replace XLA.
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I opened a thread about Newcastle and easyJet cancellations, but now has totally disappeared. Why ? No explanations given to me, not even by PMs by the Mods.

I think it's not a fair treatment. I am pretty disappointed about this.

Edit: Get over it. We decide what threads are acceptable. Yours was not - but you can add to the new approved one.

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Ezy 2009

Easyjet for Summer 2009 is a 6 A/C base, guess they will all be 319's by then?

Example of departures on a Monday morning:

0600 PMI
0620 FAO
0700 STN
0710 BFS
0730 BRS
0830 AGP

0835 ALC (A319 arrives from STN 0805)
0840 NCE (A319 arrives from BRS 0810)

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Easyjet summer 2009

Yes you could be right, forgot about Nice. But at the other end of the day there are only 5 arrivals, unless I have missed something again.
Dare I say it--new routes to come ???
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fl dutchman

I agree, seems to be some large gaps in the programme (one A/C on a Monday appears to arrive from PMI at 12:15 then do nothing else all day), maybe there are a couple of new routes in the offing. Certainly seems to be room for a couple of routes running 3/4 times a week possibly. Could we see Krakow & Prague being released a little later down the line and filling this gap instead of new routes?

There only appears to be 5 A/C arriving in the evening as the STN returns at 20:55 (rather early) and then night stops instead of the usual 22:30 arrival or later.


Anyone else seem the Flybe timetable for S09 for LGW, the 2nd arrival of the day is at 13:50 with the A/C immediately departing back to LGW at 14:05, this seems a bit tight to me, could we be seeing another A/C here for the summer which could swap with the LGW run at lunch time? Or are the timings just slightly out?

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Easy Jet 2009

I wanted to book for Krakow and am disappointed that it and Prague have not been brought back for the Summer. The range of lowcost destinations from Newcastle is incredibly dull compared to Edinburgh. It's a bit like the Monty Python sketch except swap Spain for spam.
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At least, EZY's service to Rome Ciampino will be resumed for the coming summer...whilst Ryanair has permanently ceased its quite successful route to Milan Bergamo.
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Mahon has also gone for summer 09....strange situation with Malaga with 3 return flights on Mondays but only 2 out?
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The 0035 dep from Malaga on Monday arrives at 2355 on Sunday.

and there does appear to be a Mahon on Saturday.

Last edited by DOOBIE; 13th Nov 2008 at 16:01. Reason: 2nd answer
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Mahon is confirmed for S09, will be flown once a week on Saturdays only between July 11 and September 12.
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We had hoped that the starter of this thread had said enough. Clearly the arty smarty's, who think they can say just what they want, thought otherwise about how we mods conduct this and other threads. Not any more, and two posts have already gone! Great start eh!

No one is asking you for your prescence on this thread. If you don't like it you can go and play someplace else.

Some of the previous posters caused PPRuNe and its owners a lot of grief - a lot! Now if any of you think you can now take up where you left off, you can forget it.

This thread will be under tight control because some idiots thought they could act the way they did.

Enjoy it of course, but do not expect us to again play along with the same rubbish that occured on the previous thread.

Down to you guys now.
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Roger .
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Guess I missed the fun and games concerning the previous thread although I can probably guess what the fuss was about.

As far as EZY is concerned, we are initially planning on 2 Airbus and 4 Boeing for next year. Although this could all change by the time I have finished posting this. Interesting that you have noticed that BRS and STN aircraft are operating some of our longer routes. seems our "pairing optimiser" is working to good effect.

It will also mean that business travellers can travel both ways earlier
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Unfortunately, the 19.50 return timing from Stansted makes for an excessively long business day.
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Delta 8
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Under the current economic climate are we likely to see any development from the current airlines operating in and out of NCL for next summer?
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I very much doubt it - just about every airline is making cutbacks to flying schedules, route networks etc and it is bound to hit every airport. We have already seen cutbacks from Easy and Jet2 and in the charters we have lost the whole XL group programme and TOM have scaled back the number of weekly flights. Aer Arann is gone too.

On a positive note, we have gained a new route from FR, but I doubt there will be much else unless BE surprises?!
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I tend to agree with that and as you say, we will see what Flybe comes up with. We are now left with no service to Poland from the North East as a whole, that may interest somebody.

Has anyone heard how the Routes Conference went in relation to NCL?
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I dont think TOM have scaled back too much, still operating a similar amount of flights offered this Summer, albeit with some changes to time and day from this season, only flight to be dropped is the PUJ. Still have x2 757, x1 738, and 763 Sat, Sun, Mon. There are 5 W patterns on the programme.
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