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It is very difficult for an employer in Germany to get rid of an unwanted employee after the six-month probation time have passed.
Untrue for ANY employee in a firm with 10 or less employees. Mrs. Merkel did this years ago and ever since the SPD "Thatchered" (Agenda 2010) our country, there seem to be no Unions any more.

Given the current political situation in Germany, you will not find anybody saying bad of their Soviet ...
Should you think of Mrs.Merkels cabinet with your Soviet remark, I can assure you, there is ample criticism, from the far left (open all borders) to the far right (close all borders) If you are sane and understand that 80 Mio Germans cannot rescue all poor and badly treated you are labelled a nazi. This whole situation will explode in someones face and I think it will be the face of AM. But nothing will change for the better with the current politicians, might they be in the CDU or SPD. They are all afraid and none thinks forward.
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