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Originally Posted by cavok_flyer
I was faced with the same problem seeing how my university days were a long time ago.

After 3 months of screwing the pooch, I looked at my time goals (going the modular route, BTW) and saw that I needed to study 1.5 hours a day and 8 on the weekend to finish when I wanted to. It is well documented in this forum that I did not make it in the time I wanted, but what worked for me is reading the material, making notes, and modifying the notes according to the QBs. Therfore, I had a summary for all subjects which was easy to review at any time. I also made a Excel file with the formulas for quick referral when I was travelling. One subject after the other and reviewing every once and a while worked for me.
Hi Cavok Flyer,

Any chance you can get me link to your posts please? I had a search but no joy wouldnt mind reading through that?

So were you averaging under 20 hours a week to complete it? How long did it take in the end?
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