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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post
How about "Don't chuck good money after bad"?

Says who?

Not United, and I think they're the ones who really know.

Not American, who planned flights and then pulled out.

Not the long list of airlines not rushing into the hole left by United

Also, can you really compare the business models of airlines from the USA and EK - they operate in different worlds.

NCL lagging behind? It isn't comparable to BRS, and BHD scrapes in (just) as a DHC8D destination (NCL doesn't), so don't compare apples and oranges again.

NYC demanded a disproportionate amount of effort - any coincidence that RYR turn up in numbers after NYC?
Regional airports, including bigger ones like BHX (or at least their enthusiast base) are obsessed with direct services to the USA.

In reality it isn't that big a market - 300m or so people, a security system that makes hubbing at a US airport to South American or Canadian destinations horrendous at best; impractical at worst.

If I were NCL management, which I'm glad I'm not, I'd be looking to ensure that Icelandair were in place 2/3 times weekly connecting with their KEF heb, and likewise Aer Lingus at Dublin - then look to Iberia / Iberia Express to open service to Madrid, to connect with their comprehensive South American network.

Emirates are already in place, don't go after a second ME carrier to dilute Emirates business, and instead look for multi daily, or at least business friendly services to link NCL to hubs in FRA and / or MUC.

Then concentrate on the bucket and spade business.
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