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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
Let me be clear - any inefficiency is a bad thing as it inherently adds to costs so if there must be inefficiency let it be caused by gaining wealth rather than fog at 700ft.

We have compromised in the North East and Yorkshire for too long and now we have the opportunity to make less of a compromise by having an airport in a better location where flights to New York will be viable (in the long term). My agenda, as you put it, is simple and has never been hidden - let's have an airport for the North East and Yorkshire in the right place so that millions of us do not have to travel to Scotland or the North West or the East Midlands to take basic flights.
You don't have to travel. Simply go to LBA. Or were you a regular user of Concorde? I think you will notice there are very few airports outside of the south east that offer long haul destinations, save a few Emirates routes. Your potential forecasts are based on the idea there is an appetite for 90% of Yorkshire jetting off to the US every year. Which they won't.
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