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Just checking to see if I'm understanding this offer correctly as it involves US citizens.

If an applicant only has an FAA ticket, he will get a license validation allowing him to fly EU acft for two years during which time he must get a full EASA license (14 writtens plus other stuff ?) to go beyond that point:

"If you hold an FAA flight crew license, Norwegian will support conversion training to obtain an EASA license during a time of up to 2 years. During this period, you will operate under a waiver on European registered aircraft."

But he's obligated to a 3 year bond the amount of which I've not seen documented...can't be cheap:

"For pilots not current on B787 or B777 there will be a training cost bond, being paid back or decreasing by 1/3 each year over three years..."

So, unless a person wants to get nailed for that 3rd year of the bond by bolting after only two years, he'll be studying for/taking those 14 writtens while flying internationally and being jet complete the 3rd year ?

I must be missing something here. Please correct my impression.
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