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Bagso, more than a mild interest! Front and centre!

I'm guessing the UK government will want to leave all as is and continue to be part of an open skies arrangement with the rest of EU.

We are unlikely to go back to the days of regulations and the need for bilaterals between the UK and all other EU countries. Should the government implement a range of barriers to non UK carriers, Ryanair surely would feel the greatest impact. BA though owned by Spanish parents unlikely to be in the same boat.?

While I don't expect to see any major changes, any intervention by the government could offer some level of protection to the existing UK airlines, the number of which is now very small. Let's not forget the sheer impact of deregulation has in effect seen lots of UK airlines disappear. Though that's a debate for another day, pax are up but we now have a few dominant carriers and new start ups are now less likely than ever due to that dominance.

However, are we likely to see Heathrow expansion speeding up if Boris gets into the driving seat at number 10?
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