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Sounds just like another few we all know. It seems that only the paint scheme changes. Don't get me started on the odd authorities interpretation or oversight of the regs either!

Originally Posted by RAT 5 View Post
The union in Norwegian has Cancelled Subpart E in the collective agremment, Which is selling off day. So from 30 june nobody will be able to sell a day off

28 years ago I worked for fledgling airline. The naive young pilots wanted to 'help the company'. So they worked on days off for nothing other than a faint promise of a simple day off in return; not even an extra day of your own choosing. The managers raped the company. Later it was discovered that the crewing levels were designed to be low, so not enough SBYs', on the assumption that crews would work on days off. Our salaries and T&C's were the lowest in the country. The company went bust 3 times before it was taken over and absorbed into a larger unit. The greed of the managers was astonishing. Still the naivety of the crews continued.
Selling a day off is perpetuating a weak structure. First discover why it should be necessary.
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