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Cheaper to buy days off than hire extra crew, but, in NAS , selling a day off is very lucrative, and those who opt for 80% can easily recuperate the rest by working a couple of OFFs, so, it hurts the pilots to do this. . . . The last time this happened was Spring 2012, and there were 8 (or more) aircraft on wet lease to cover the shortfall in manpower of crew not working OFF days.

This time it is different, as the company is entering the final phase of their oft stated intention to destroy "Core Norwegian". Already there are many wet leases to cover the shortfall caused by NAS's refusal to expand Core to cover the Summer production.

The guys have 2 choices, accept the new arrangement & be screwed over the next 18-24mths, or go out in a blaze of glory & force NAS to do what they are serrupticiously doing anyhow, the destruction of the "Real Norwegian". . . . Personally I would go for the "Big Bang" & inflict as much stress/disruption/financial loss on the greedy little bar stewards as possible. . . if they are not ostracised by bought -in labour now, they will be in any case within a very short time span. Anyone harbouring any doubts over this showers suitability as an employer, should watch closely developments over the next few months & the answer will be very clearly seen. Sad end to a great company headed by someone who went from being very nearly a visionary, to a sad imitation of O' Leary, just as O' leary was stepping out of the limelight, the Norwegian public don't like this kind of crap & I hope they vote (in droves) with their feet, but they (probably ) won't.
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