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Thanks lear999wa for that insight. I actually always thought Norwegian is not that bad, but based on what you wrote I am more then happy that I have chosen RYR instead. Well, mainly because I am tired of any night stops and finally starting AND finishing duty days at my homebase. That was making the deal for me honestly. Plus the money is not that bad as some guys always write. For a tired, medium aged airliner, sick of hotels and long haul the perfect escape I must confess. Was starting my airline career like that, start at homebase, finish at homebase, did that for 6 years in my young years. Then started with all that "beautiful" big airline and Longhaul BS, bored during flying and then hanging around in some nice, but far away from home hotel. And that all over and over and over again. Happy to sleep in my bed again, every night. Plus kids(don't know about the wife :-) ) are happy to see their dad again every day.

But paying your own transport going to a crew hotel is just ridiculous. Would do that only if I would get paid 15.000 Euro/Pound/USD, then I would not matter. I was wondering already when Norwegian was looking for 787 drivers and looking into the Capt salary. Did not impress me, honestly.
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