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I think if you have a read on PPRuNe you will come across a lot of not so positive details about life in Norwegian or shall I say OSM.

But if you choose not to listen or believe what has been posted I will make a short summery.

-if you don't hold enough seniority, you will be made redundant during the winter mounts, yes captains also. Every year they say it won't happen again. But it does.

-they will promise you a permanent contract and then they will find a way out of giving one to you. Ask Lgw pilots if you don't believe me.

-they will promise local terms and conditions and again find a way out of doing that.

-they say that they follow the master seniority list and again only when it convenient for mgmt.

-constant roster changes, no roster stability.

-constant overnights in crap hotels, yes you will need to make your own way to the hotel with public transport.

-crap crew meals.

-constant positioning, yes deadheading crew will now have to board as last.

-night flights, checkin at midnight checkout in the morning. With rostering hounding you to operate later that day after minimum rest.

-Inhumane duty days (but legal). As an example Lpa Tos 7 hours block time and passive back.
Fdp 8:30 hours and 16 hour duty day.

-30 days of annual leave, reduced to 18 actual leave days. Legal, who knows, but they do it anyway.

-oh and have I mentioned the morale is low. How low you ask well everyone who can get out is getting out.

-And don't think that you will be getting any staff travel on the other fleet. Apparently we our all one family. But forget about it.

The general feeling in the company is of mismanagement and resignation. I.e no one cares. If there is a problem the answer is always to Wet-lease.

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