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. I think this scenario is highly unlikely. Reserved mainline seniority numbers for guys not yet employed in mainline was tried before (LOA161) and led to a lot of anguish.
I disagree. It's happened previously without any issues. If you look at the start dates for seniority numbers from about 785- 825 you'll find a whole host of different start dates. The seniority numbers were blocked out for Regional pilots as part of a settlemeant for a course case they'd brought against Auatralian Airlines. I think they started in seniority order from the regionals but when they started was up to the regional and when they could be released.

Similarly, there are 4 seniority numbers from 740-780 that have start dates out of sequence. These were ex cadets who were not released by their employers when Qantas came calling. In each case Qabtas honoured the provision that said seniority was on graduation order.

The same rule can apply here. Course graduation order of cadets and then order within courses can see those numbers blocked aside now. If the reason they don't start is because the Qantas owned regional tells mainline that they'll struggle for trainers, or whatever if they do then I have no problems blocking that number for them when they do start.

In fact, I can't think why it would be an issue at all? Qantas has essentially said we'll take you and this is your start date but it's more important for the group if you stick in your current role for another few months.
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