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Originally Posted by bloom View Post
Just a quick search online...........For $12000 (a fool and his money is soon partying) and you have a max gross of 29.9 lbs More than the average goose.

Feathers, meat and hollow bones vs metal motor, camera, and other parts?

The "no threat" argument doesn't hold up.


A quick calculation shows that an aircraft approaching at 200mph will impact that UAV with in excess of 54kJ kinetic energy.

That is an equivalent 1 tonne car hitting the front of the aircraft at >25mph.

Now increase the energy expended if the same drone is ingested by the high speed compressor blades of the engines as well as the forward impact velocity.

It may be supposition on my part, but as an engineer with 35+ years of experience, it's really only a matter of time before a passenger plane is brought down.

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