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Originally Posted by Nige321 View Post
Peekay4 - I think it's highley unlikley you'll find a UAV of that kind in the hands of a nutter on the approach to Heathrow...
I think a nutter (a serious one) would very likely use a big heavy UAV such as in the upper photo, in order to do maximum damage.

Even the smaller one held by the kid in the lower photo, if flown by said kid into a jet engine while poppa wasn't looking, would be ... interesting.
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You are missing the point. The nutter we have here isn't flying UAVs like in the photos. They are big, serious money pro vehicles. Anyone flying one of those is going to know the rules...

The nutters at Heathrow are the Phantom-From-Maplin brigade, fancies a 'drone' not enough brain cells to work out Heathrow's a stupid place to fly it.

And forget the 'ban them now' idea, the nutter at Heathrow will ignore it...
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