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Originally Posted by Fonz121 View Post
In what possible way could Qlink use 457 Captains? How could they prove the necessity of this to the authorities while most of the FOs are upgradeable?
The 457 Visa DE captains is nonsense. It's a false rumour, plain and simple. Spoke to a recruiter who went to S.A. and he said they never at any stage were looking for DE captains.

You're wasting your time banging your heads against the wall about this issue when it simply isn't true.

On another issue, definition of Exodus: 'mass departure of people'

Let's assume mass departure = 1/4 of pilots, does that sound fair? I'll eat my hat, wings, bars and tie if 125 pilots QL pilots go to EK.
Whoever started this thread should get a job at a newscorp paper, the sensationalism is top notch!
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