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Looks like they got very odd pitch indication, and then tried to correct it by manoeuvring the aircraft.

Maybe the Captains PFD suddenly showed them they were climbing, so he pushed the nose over in an attempt to 'level' the aircraft?
Maybe they also were seeing an erroneous bank angle, which they also attempted to 'correct'?

It's so easy to chuck a comment in, but apart from asking why they didn't revert to the standbys, I think most folk would ask 'why do anything, straightaway?'.

If the aircraft was in straight and level flight, and some wonkiness appears on the flight instruments, I'd probably have held the controls where they were, and started looking around for the source of the trouble....bit like unreliable airspeed.

The other thing is, once things were clearly going pear shaped, does neither of them look at the altimeter?

Poor guys.
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