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Peter G-W
Thanks for the reply.

I just can't get it, i mean at which latitude/longitude, degrees latitude distance can be low as 25NMs?

i.e. yesterday tracks were :

T 58/50 58/40 57/30 57/20
U 57/50 57/40 56/30 56/20
V 56/50 56/40 55/30 55/20
W 55/50 55/40 54/30 54/20

For the numbers above; it is all 60NMs we know.And for degree's, it is all 30NMs for the 50ish longtitudes. OTS tracks are all for west-east bounds

Sorry, think i should go back to Geo classes in high school

As far as i know , the idea is to be offset 15NMs and 500FT descent or climb to a level different than normals.
If you can maintain your altitude, keep it until 10NMs offset, then descent 500FT below or above, then make it 15NMs offset.
If you can't maintain the altitude, with the possible lowest rate of descent,be offset from track, when clear of traffics and tracks, expedite descent to 500FT above or below of desired flight level

At 15NMs offset, go below FL280, then divert.
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